stern-howardSeth MacFarlane did an interview on the Howard Stern show today that is worth listening to.  Howard has become the premier interviewer on the planet and his guest list continues to improve year after year with A-listers.  Seth Macfarlane was in town promoting Ted 2 and by doing this interview hits millions of people who share similar comedic tastes.

Seth is so smart that whatever comes out of his mouth is gold and the best part is that he knows this but doesn’t act like he does.  He is a prodigy.  At the age of 2 he drew this picture of Fred Flintstone.

Seth Macfarlane -Fred Flintstone

Age 9 he created this comic strip called Walter Crouton and Friends.




Seth-MacFarlaneI’m not sure I knew my name at 2.  At 7, I cried in art class because I couldn’t cut construction paper into the shape of a heart. Seth MacFarlane is getting paid by his local paper at the age of 9 to contribute a comic strip. Sheesh.

The interview was fairly tame but I think that’s because Howard respects Seth so much. A few spots I enjoyed:

  • The movie Ted grossed $500 million and cost around $60 million.  Seth made, what he completely guessed, $30 million.  Ari Emmanuel is his agent.
  • He graduated from the Rhode Island Design school which is one of the foremost design schools.
  • He is close friends with Charlize Theron but they have never banged.  He lost his virginity at 20 and would like to have a family.
  • He works 90 hours a week and falls asleep with a book in his hand instead of banging supermodels.
  • He had a few drinks before hosting the Oscars.

I thought Ted was average at best and A Million Ways to Die was even worse than that.  HOWEVER, early Family Guy is the funniest show with the best jokes and runs circles against any almost all other comedies .  He was the entire show back in 1999 and there is a dramatic difference between those episodes and what the show has become.  Whatever Seth puts his mind to comes out as excellence because he’s ahead of the curve with regard to intelligence and humor.  Plus he seems like a genuinely nice guy.