I was floored by Kendall Jenner’s two split dress. I think it’s better than if she was completely naked. There’s something about the not seeing that’s better than the actual seeing. The idea that the filthy slut wouldn’t wear any underwear (I’m sure she did) under that dress is mind blowing. We are seeing the evolution of fashion with this dress.

I’ve compiled a few other pictures of celebs that I think rival Kendall’s smut show. This post is probably not safe for your work.

The Going to be Infamous Kendall Jenner Dress
Kendall Jenner Split dress

Kim trying to rival Kendall and failing miserably.
Kim K Side Boob

Kate Upton using the wet look.
Kate Upton See-thru

That Ass of Sofia Vergera

Anna Kendrick dropping bombs


Big Bang Theory girls

Jennette McCurdy from ICarly

Jennifer Love Hewitt Corset has to go