Anyone else notice how funny the word traffic looks?  Anyway, this post will cover a few areas of life that are not so appealing.  Traffic is something that with 7 billion people in the world, cannot be avoided.  It is frustrating and you can lose your cool if you are not in a good place mentally.  I’m sure people would not be nearly as hostile if they didn’t have to deal with this horrendous word, traffic.


Foot Traffic

2008 Phillies World Series Parade

2008 Phillies World Series Parade

Walking in crowded areas is no fun.  Scenes like this arise in city wide events like parades, drunken parties, ballparks, crowded bars, and holiday celebrations.  You are set up to walk with the herd and there are hundreds of people surrounding you and only one line moving through.  When I’m hammered I have no problem navigating these types of lines because I’m just a drunk dickhead with no regard for anyone.  I’ll push women, bump children, and not allow anyone to stand in the way of my end goal which is normally the bathroom or wayward to another beer.  Sober street walking gets annoying when you have fat, slow pokes in front of you but this is usually easily bypassed.


Line Traffic

Line at the infamous Geno's steaks

Line at the infamous Geno’s steaks

I can’t stand waiting in line.  Restaurant lines for some reason get me the worst.  If I see a place that has a 30 minute wait, I’m out.  I don’t like waiting and it’s really obvious why… IT’S ALREADY FUCKING CROWDED.  Getting in is going to be no better and the service is going to suck because they are so busy and probably pissed off.  It’s a giant cluster fuck of activity.  I also hate lines at fast food places, airports, purchasing ski tickets, running events, stadiums, and everything else that requires wasting time to get to something I barely want to go to.


Auto Traffic

The most obvious frustration.  Sitting in your car not moving could be the biggest waste of time on the planet.  You can’t be productive unless you are using your radio for something mind altering.  You can’t write or type.  You are forced to drive slowly while everyone around you is sharing the same pissed off nature you are.  I avoid traffic at all costs but sometimes it’s unavoidable.  I would rather take a 55 minute drive down Kelly Drive and through Bells Mills than spend 55 minutes on 76, 476, and the turnpike.  Sitting in a parking lot full of cars inching along is one of life’s evils. website down

Internet Traffic

For the most part, internet traffic is a non-issue.  Servers are usually up to snuff and things don’t break down that often.  However, there is nothing more agonizing than when you are trying to sign up or buy something and the browser just sits.  It tells you it’s doing something but there are no results.  Then you start wondering if the browser is working at all so you keep retrying and end up sending your information 10 times.  I have a feeling this will become nothing to worry about in the future but then again as everything becomes more complicated, space needs to grow along with it.