This clever title was thought of by me while sitting on the bench of last night’s basketball game. JKash, Bud and I were yucking it up and I don’t remember how it exactly came up but I think we were talking about how some people get stuck using the same phrases (I’ve written about this previously) on a daily basis and then I said the word phase and this title popped up. JKash told us how he has some co-worker who uses the phrase “quite frankly” too often and I told him how his brother describes everything as “ridiculous.” I got a text message from Jkash this afternoon telling me how I didn’t write about anything from last night so here it is.

We had a Bball game at 9:15 that started at 9:30 because of the other team’s tardiness. We had to laugh as one of their players was there before 9:15 and was shooting around in his slippers and was the last person to take the floor at 9:30 once his teammates arrived. It was an unusual game that we ended up winning by 15 or so but there weren’t many fouls called and with 3 minutes left the ref threatened to stop the came if there was anymore complaining. JKash was found mocking their biggest player, at least 6-5, with a laugh like “what the hell is wrong with you.” He looked over at the smash and I’m pretty sure muttered a death threat under his breath. Another funny thing was when CK4 faked a pass and Bud and I had a good laugh thinking that was the most ineffective fake possible, no one could ever fall for a fake pass from Chad. JKash also called me a shmohawk for mailing in rent checks and couldn’t believe I didn’t have it set up through PNC to do it for me. It never really PM Dawned on me to do so. This was sort of a lackluster entry but I wrote JKash about 5 times and he swears to me “the people” love JKash. I questioned who the people were and he assured me they are out there. This one’s for you people.