Konami / Zynga

I have some vested interest in the company Zynga which has been in the news quite a bit lately due to it’s participation in the social media gaming craze. Konami (along with Activision) is arguably the best game maker in the world and this clip should give some solid backing to what Zynga has going for it in the future. At 6 dollars a share I really believe that this company has a lot of growth potential. My only little problem with it is that it’s market cap is 4.6 billion dollars which seems a tad high (but not nearly as bad a facebook.) Consider this, Zynga did 1.1 billion dollars in sales last year compared with Facebooks 2+billion. Facebook’s market capitalization is almost 75 billion compared to Zyngas 4.6. I believe there is some value here in Zynga.