To Xfinity and Beyond

There was a free concert by Third Eye Blind at the new Xfinity Center last night. I have XTC on my spotify radio and they just played Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind as I completed that last sentence. The probability of that song coming on as I was writing about Third Eye Blind is probably one in a million. Maybe one in a hundred million. Back to what I originally intended to write, the Xfinity Center is located near the stadiums and the band was going to come on around 9. I arrived at 8:30 or so and there was a line a few hundred people deep. The place was absolutely packed and they really weren’t letting any other people in. I listened to a few of their songs from an outsider area and then decided to leave due to an inability to get drinks and it was getting cold. The rest of the night was pretty standard. My general impression of the Xfinity Center was that it was really nice, good location, and lots of restaurants and pubs. I have to imagine it won’t always be that packed a better place to watch games and such.