Wyncote Golf Course – Holy Heather!

On Friday, Bake, the Shee, Ck4 and myself all decided to head to Oxford to play Wyncote Golf Course. This course holds some different invitationals and is also the place they hold High School districts in the Eastern PA area. It was about an hour from where we are in PA and the drive is pretty slow if you take US 1. We probably should have gone the blue route most of the way but we were following the GPS. The Shee managed to get a speeding ticket on the way there so for anyone reading this, you’ve been warned. At a ridiculously cheap price of 41 bucks at 11:24 on a Friday, we were pretty pleased.

The course was crowded but we still managed a little over 4 hour round. We played from the white tees and I think that measured something around 6,000 yards. The picture below is going to represent my biggest peeve with the course.

Whether you call it fescue or heather or cocksucking motherfucker, it’s everywhere. Probably on every hole you’ll find this high grass that gobbles up your ball. I don’t really blame the course for this. If you keep your ball on all the fairways and are close to the greens, you’ll be fine. Start to stray though and you’ll have a round like I had Friday. In total I lost more than 12 golf balls. This amounts to 12 penalty strokes and makes your score balloon. This makes the course frustrating and I was knee high walking through the grass all day. Nevertheless, I still think this is a good course at a tremendous value at 41 dollars. I wish I would have played better but I think I was about 108. The heather even had Bake come undone for a hole carding a 9 on a par 4 which is uncharacteristic. Ck4 managed a 10 when he was hitting from heather to heather and the Shee played the best out of all of us keeping the ball on the course. The course is well kept and the holes are challenging. I would like another shot at it but I wouldn’t make the hour drive to do so.