Hicham El Guerrouj -1 Mile World Record 3:43:13


So fast he’s a blur

Hicham El Guerrouj’s mile time is a world record that has held strong for almost 16 years. There have been 5 men who have been in the 3:46 club and 1 who has run 3:44. HOWEVER, the top 2 mile times to ever be recorded happened in the same race below, both in the 3:43 range. My question, and reason for posting this, is there anyway this World Record would have been set without the 2 men pushing each other to times that haven’t been touched, well, ever since?  Competition at its finest.


Fastest Mile Times in Chart Form


Does the mile still matter?
So, the big question… Is the mile still relevant today?

Nick Willis: “It is still relevant, particularly in North America, Australia and New Zealand. It is important for the casual fan because people understand a sub-four minute mile. A 3:38 1500m doesn’t mean anything to most people. I still believe the mile should be used as a means to reach to the masses.

“The biggest challenge [to the mile’s status] is that mile times are not recognised as qualification times for the 1500m at major championships, even though translated times for 1500m to the mile are very accurate.”

Will Leer: “Absolutely. People in a crowd can connect with a mile more than they can with the 1500m. Everyone in America had the same experience as me. They all ran it in gym class. The mile has an ability to connect with the people who aren’t as intricately woven into our world as we are.”

John Walker: “It is still relevant, because there are so few top mile races in the world. There are only about three top mile races, so it is very special and in countries like England and New Zealand, it is still very important.”