Hayden is a Doll

I recently watched a preview from Scream 4 and noticed that Hayden Panettiere was in it. She had a funky haircut which can be scene* by the picture above. She is seriously a fine, fine looking female. She’s 21 years of age and even though she looks like she’s 15 and 4-6, I’m not a pedophile for making this entry. I read her Wikipedia page from start to finish and I just want to point out some highlights. She was the little girl in Remember the Titans, some cheerleader on Heroes (never seen), and Beth Cooper in I love you Beth Cooper (I saw about 15 minutes of this pos). I’m not really posting this because of her illustrious career but mainly because she’s really hot.

Aside from being really hot, and that bizarre hairstyle in the picture, this is the real reason I posted this. Her “partner” is Wladimir Klitscho. For those who have no idea who this is, here’s a picture:

He’s 6-6, 240 and has a 55-3 professional record in boxing. This guy is a beast. Let’s also mention that he’s 35 years old. Now the first thing that comes to my mind is how can 4ft 6in Hayden get penetrated by this beast? Honestly what is this girl thinking. I just don’t understand how her brain works. Out of the 3 billion men on the planet, a complete hottie like Hayden finds the Heavyweight Champion of the world to bang. She’s 21, can probably get any guy on the planet and a Russian giant is her choice. He’s probably a fantastic guy but how on Earth does Wladimir decide that he wants to date Hayden, and then actually have it work out! Seriously this guy is either Don Juan, Cassanova or an extreme combo of the two. I just sit here and come to the understanding that if girls like Hayden go for guys like Wladimir, I better start hitting the gym night and day for the next 10 years