I’m going to try to cram as much as I can remember into one post documenting the last couple days.

I left on Thursday to go to one of our old neighbors 80th birthday party at the White Briar in Avalon. He has this party every 5 years so it doesn’t come around all that often. Drinks were flowing and everyone had a good time. The waiter took the liberty of spilling a wine glass on myself and the guy next to me. Now I smelled like Zinfandel but wasn’t going to let that deter me from enjoying the night. After the party I went to Sea Isle to hang with some people that I don’t see too often anymore but we usually have a good time getting bombed together. We went to OD in Sea Isle where I somehow met this girl that got with a guy that I was staying with for the night. I was running some decent drunk game and was able to get some smooches but that was pretty much the extent. We swapped numbers which was a mistake on her part as I drunk texted some probably questionably inappropriate messages later in the week. She was a nice girl but that’s all she wrote and if I never see her again I won’t be shedding a tear.

On Friday I woke up and started throwing some beers back. Bought some cigars and scotch and pretty much wasted the day away. I had to go back home though because I had to attend a wedding for my dad’s brother’s daughter. The wedding was fine and the receptionist was at a nice place in Chalfont? called nostalgia. My 2 brothers and my sister were seated a table where a friend of the bride was telling us how she has gay mallard ducks in here yard. Apparently 20 percent of mallard ducks are gay, who knew?

We left the wedding and headed back down the shore. We went to the Princeton in Avalon which turned out to be interesting to say the least. One of my friends wanted me to go talk to this older woman (45 or so but had a really nice body). So I do and throw some game. After a while I can’t really see where this was headed and decided to try to find someone who wasn’t twice my age. Nothing else to eventful occurred until we go back to our house and my friend decided it was a good idea to bring the cougar back to the house. She was a nice but started asking me what I thought about the Iranian Gov’t issues and I pretty much had had enough.

My one friend started to like this one girl while we were down there and we hung out with her the next night. This was Sunday night and nothing was really happening so we went to the Princeton again but it isn’t exciting on Sundays. Monday we went to the Windrift on 80th or so and it was pretty average. I got bombed off of a 6 pack of riverhorse beer which I tried. It was 6.5 % alcohol which got me buzzed. Then I started drinking some coors lights and then a cup of Red Delicious boxed wine. Then at the Windrift they had Corona ponies which I drank like 10 of and also a shot of Jameson and a Yuengling. So I’m pretty wasted and we go over to the neighbors house and they proceed to kick me out because I was being my usual jovial self and this one girl wasn’t digging it. So she started freaking out and that finished the night.

Tuesday night was the Wagon’s birthday. He said he was going to get wasted but didn’t even close to live up to the hype. I bought him a shot of Patron, that he said he didn’t want, and he proceeded to take the shot and then puke it up in a cup immediately after. From here on out I won’t be buying him anymore shots. Nothing else too eventful happened (that I remember) that night but I woke up feeling awful. After 5 nights of heavy drinking I had had enough. I went home last night to play in our bball game which was canceled and had my first sober night in a while. I’m at work right now taking care of some things but will be heading back down the shore to play some poker at the Borgata. That’s where I’m at right now and am looking forward to the next couple nights.

Also, I ran my Blackberry Storm through the wash so if you’ve called me and I haven’t picked up, that could be the reason. I didn’t proof read this either so there could be many errors.