Minnesota WhiteWolves

Can someone please chime in with how ridiculous this story is?
Minnesota Timberwolves are too white?

5 out of 15 players are non-white foreigners, 5 white Americans, and 5 black guys. Am I reading this story right that a Chairman of an African American Leadership council has a problem with this dynamic? America has seriously lost it. Has this guy watched a second of NBA basketball to support this theory that the Timberwolves are trying to appeal to a white fan base and, as I’m concluding, are not trying to win basketball games? Pecovic, Kirilenko, and Love are big forwards that would fit almost any roster. Rubio and Roy are solid guards to round off a starting 5. Whoever they have after that is just forming around this nucleus of 4/5 white guys. Without even playing a game some random dude is spouting off about inequality. Why don’t you let them play some games first and see how horrible they are with a majority white roster. This honestly has to be one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read about unless they were purposely trying to lose. This type of situation should never make the news.