White Man Accessories

JKa$h and I were watching the Sixers game the other night and it struck us as odd that both Kyle Korver and Spencer Hawes were wearing mouth-guards. I’m sure plenty of non-white players wear mouth-guards too but I think it’s fair to say that white people aren’t going to have the coolest accessories. We don’t have those arm sleeves like AI used to wear or bizarre leg sleeves that Boozer was wearing. Headbands are usually not happening amongst whites. Aside from Birdman, I would suspect the white man isn’t leading in the tattoo department either. We also aren’t wearing high black socks introduced by the Fab Five. I feel like whites probably use a lot of tape on their fingers too which would count as a good accessory. Anything lame and necessary would fit the white man and anything cool looking and unnecessary would be the rest of the NBA.

I’m also not restricting this category strictly to the NBA. Here’s a picture of Laurence Maroney after getting busted for a concealed weapon while being high.

The white man will never have a bad ass hair style like this. If this isn’t the epitome of bad-ass, I don’t know what is. To give JKa$h some credit, 3 years ago the accessory of choice in the NFL was the visor. Then it became the super-visor which is a darker visor that makes it harder to see and only used by the NFL elite. Last year the long hair was the trend. Consider there are hardly any white players in the NFL, I don’t think we have too many accessories to point out. I do however know the biggest trend this year.

Wait for it…….. It’s Jamaal Charles finding that end-zone. I’m not sure where to begin on Jamaal but if he slips to the 2nd round, you snag him. I think ideal draft position this year is something like 7th where you can get a premier RB and hopefully a guy like Jamaal. Not to toot my own horn but in the 4 leagues I played in last year I won 2, got 3rd in one, and lost in the championship game in the other. My 3 RB’s in Evan’s league were A Pete, McFadden, and Jamaal and I’m pretty sure that will never happen again in my life. I’m not sure where Jamaal will go this year. I’m hoping he gets ranked about 10th. I would love to get the 12 pick and get Jamaal and then anyone coming back. You’ve heard it hear first, Jamaal for MVP and finding that endzone is this years biggest event.