When Giants Walked the Earth

I finished my Led Zeppelin biography, When Giants Walked the Earth by Mick Wall, and I promise this will be the last time any post focuses on Led Zeppelin. I can’t guarantee that I don’t reference them in the future but I’m sure there are people who find these posts “boring”. Compared to the Beatles biography I read a few months ago, this one blew me away. These guys were wilder, had bigger personalities, and just rocked harder. The story of how their music started, their immediate success, how big they got and then their eventual downfall was really an awesome read. Reading how the music was created on various albums in various years is just so fascinating when you are listening to it. You learn how Jimmy was the integral part to Led Zeppelin and how his attention to detail and tremendous talent created some of the best music ever created in the early years. Here’s an interesting quote by Chuck Klosterman about what people think about after listening to Zeppelin:

“Wow. I just realized something: This shit is perfect. In fact, this record is vastly superior to all other forms of music on the entire planet, so this is all I will ever listen to, all the time.”

He adds “And you do this for six days or six weeks or six years. This is your Zeppelin phase, and it has as much to do with your own personal psychology as it does with the way John Paul Jones played the organ on “Trampled Under Foot.” I’d say I’m going through my Zeppelin phase and he is 100% correct that I compare every other thing I’m listening to various Zeppelin songs. And you know what, hardly anything compares in sheer talent and rock and roll to Zeppelin. I will regret when this phase of my life ends.