Jennifer Aniston Sucks



Jennifer Aniston obviously has good qualities like perfect hair, gorgeous face, and smoking body but she still completely sucks. I can’t quite lay my finger on it but I think it’s that she gets all these great roles and is borderline average time after time. She was fine in Friends because she didn’t have the lead and that role fit her better because she was out of the way. She steals the show as a side piece and makes you want to jump out of a building when she’s constantly getting the attention and talking. All the press on her personal life also makes me dislike her more. I really don’t care whoever she’s banging and if she wasn’t so damn pretty the rest of the world wouldn’t either. Producers should use her as they did with Jessica Simpson in Employee of the Month. If you’ve seen that movie you’ll know that they limited her speaking roles as much as possible.

So it doesn’t seem like I’m just making a post to knock Aniston and find a reason to make a gallery with her hottest photos, I’m going to list the movies of her’s that I’ve seen and throw the grade down next to each movie. The first letter will be the grade of the movie and the second her acting in it. My thought is that she lacks emotion and I never come out of her movies like she was trying. She was great in Horrible Bosses as a slut and I think that must be the role she was born to play. See trailer below to back up this point.

Office Space – A, C
The Good Girl – B, B
Bruce Almighty – B-, C
Along Came Polly – C, D
The Break-up – D, E
Horrible Bosses – D, A

This upcoming movie looks even worse than anything she’s ever done. That stripping scene though probably is worth the cost of admission.