Ice and Running

The roads in Manayunk and Philly were perfectly fine, although the driveway was pretty icy. There were only a couple spots that even had ice patches. I guess because I live with a weather maniac that the weather gets blown out of proportion, but MY weather forecasts begin when I walk outside and not 48 hours before. Predicting weather seems pretty dumb in my opinion. Lets spend time watching weather models and then guessing what’s going to happen. And then when we are guessing, we’ll get all worked up over what MIGHT happen and base our life decisions on these predictions. I live in the present and I base my decisions on present conditions. If I wake up and turn on the news and see traffic accidents and problems all over, then I’ll know what I’m dealing with. If I watch the NAM or GFS for 24 hours straight, I still won’t know jack shit.

What I can’t understand is how people go running outside in this weather. I get that there is dedication to exercise and how people feel the need to work out, but there is a fine line of sanity. A goal of exercising is not to get hurt and what better way is there to go running on Kelly drive, at 6am, during a icy rain storm in freezing temperatures. I just look at these people and think that this is one of the reason’s I will never understand some people. One misstep and you can twist and ankle, break your back, or just get physically injured from something that should be avoided.

I’ve wrote before that I don’t run outside in any weather under 50 degrees. Even 50 is a stretch. I prefer 90 when you go outside and instantly break a sweat. That’s a good workout. So as long as I avoid heat exhaustion, I’m not getting hurt. I (not me) even will go as far as bundling up to run out in 30 degree weather is normal. Wearing shorts in 30 degree weather is complete stupidity and any one who does can instantly be labeled an idiot. But running outside with ice on the ground is easily the stupidest thing you can do. It’s one day out of the year, run on a treadmill if you need your exercise that badly. People are made to do stupid things. It’s in our nature. It’s how you learn.

My biggest pet peeve is still missing the trash can with trash. It happens on the reg. I’ll drop something from 5 feet and a gust of wind will take it to some foreign area. Then I’ll have to go pick it up in complete frustration. Seriously this is the most annoying thing I can think of.