Even Superman has his Kryptonite

So this is going to be one of the harder blog posts I’ve had to write. As the Shee would say, I’m good at “tooting my own horn” and this is not be taken the wrong way. Basically whenever I do something good, I pretty much let everyone know how good it was. I think this can be verified from the usual tone of my blog and my preaching of superiority and how I’m happy to share all my novel ideas that I always claim are going to make millions (yet not one has come to fruition…). I will use this entry to point out my weaknesses and things that I’m sad to say, I don’t do well.

I have issues with history. I know there are buffs out there who can tell you the year of Custards last stand, what years George Washington Carver served, or when Eli Whitney invented the famous drink “the cotton gin”. I even was in honors history which just shows how much of a joke high school was. It’s almost embarrassing sometimes but my memory just doesn’t get along with historical events. The thing is, I don’t really see any need to know about what happened in the past. The people who spend their time learning about the past are the people who have nothing better to do in the future.

I’ve been diminishing athletically as well and I believe it’s do to atrophy. I’m just not good at things and my motivation for getting good is effectively 0. Now, if you read this blog, you’d say that I’m contradicting myself with my post on how you should try to be your best. However, if there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s hard to care. So even though I’m probably close to my physical peak in strength right now, my abilities are waning. People can preach confidence all they want but I know where confidence comes from, it comes from practice. I actually do have plenty of time in my day to practice whatever I want but I just tend to sit here and play poker, watch TV, and write blog entries.

I tend to say stuff that comes in my head without giving it much thought. I have a couple of examples. One weekend I was talking to this random girl and she said something like “I have a 2 year old child” and my response was “do you like him?” Now I didn’t mean for it to come off so poorly but obviously she thought I was a douche after that. I just know that I wouldn’t want to have a 2 year old kid at this point of my life so my first reaction was something along those lines. Another case of this happened tonight and it happens more than just once. CK4 asked me who is leading the league in hitting in the NL. I think I said Evan Longoria who is ranked 25th and in the AL. Probably should have just kept my mouth shut on that one. I just don’t follow sports that closely and I will admit that I’m not a man’s man sports fan.

This isn’t necessarily something I suck at but gives me trouble from time to time. I want to go into a few things that I find wrong with other people. Funny how this post started with things I wasn’t good at and now has me off on a tangent on what I find wrong with other people. Just to rattle a few off:

  • I give people too much credit. Getting people to call you back, after giving them specific instructions should be an easy task yet people can’t handle business properly and therefore should be fired.
  • I perceive others people’s lives better then mine. For some reason there’s always this sense of the other guy doing it better than you.
  • People who pay with exact change. Now there are two different methods to this. If I’m at a drive thru and get the total and I can wrestle up the exact change from my bin, that’s fine. Now if I’m in line, with people behind me and I take out my satchel and start digging through because I don’t want to break a bill, not fine.
  • People who don’t carry around money and are the same people who swipe a card for a 2 dollar bill. Now I suspect that some people don’t mind a multitude of small charges on your credit card bill but, for me, I look at my statement on a weekly basis and pay it off week by week. Therefore I’m on top of what I charge and for how much in close to real time. If I’m making tons of charges I can much more easily get confused and mistakes can be made. Just use cash.
  • People who ask too many questions for simple things.
  • People who talk without a purpose. I’m aware this is my drunk talk to a t.
  • People who look at me when I drive past them. Honestly, go fuck yourselves. I’m the asshole in TL that just cut you off and you aren’t going to do anything about it. It also bothers me when people at lights look at me because I feel like they should mind their own business.
  • People who call just to chat. I don’t like wasting time on the phone.
  • People who say “good shot” when the ball leaves the club and ends up in the heather.
  • People who just take life too seriously. I had a phone call the other day and the guy would just give one word answers to these questions that were obviously questions that required more than “yes” or “no”.
  • It’s funny because I don’t really dislike any one group over another because I like the challenge of fitting in with anyone (except for history buffs who will expose me for the simpleton I am)
  • People who bike in Manayunk and they ride on the side of the road and I always want to see how close I can get my side view mirror to them just to let them know that roads are made for cars.
  • People who play with their phones at the dinner table. If your mom hasn’t taught you that it’s rude to be on your phone at the dinner table, she failed. It’s like saying, “I know you are right across the table from me but I’m a social tard and have to immerse myself in my phone because you are too boring.”
  • People, specifically girls, who are 5 ft tall and try to dance with a guy whose regular height and they start bending their knees and getting all small and I’m just thinking that my legs hardly bend and I can’t dance with you like that so I’m just going to stand here watching you.
  • People who blast their shitty rap tunes in speakers that are so not equipped to handle loud music. This is part of the reason why I just keep my windows up and listen to my own music at volume level 17.
  • People who can’t admit fault. If more people said they were sorry for misbehavior, people would be able to get along.
  • Companies that don’t have phone numbers to their customer service is what I’m going to end on because this is so bothersome to me. All I want to do is talk to a person. I don’t want your automated email responses. I just want some human being to handle my issues on their end and move on.

    I forgot to write this last night but Jkash showed me a life changing technique last night. I was complaining how you couldn’t move fastforward on demand except for that 2x and he showed me the page up button moved it 5 minutes ahead. Pretty sweet.