The Switchover

Today I made the dramatic change from winter to spring. This transition is defined by one thing, the move from jeans to shorts. As a young kid I used to go all the way till November 6th (my birthday) with shorts, switch to jeans, and then as soon as the weather hit 50 I was back in shorts. As an adult I find wearing jeans to be more appropriate in most situations and the switch usually takes place later in the season. I haven’t completely switched over but I’ll start throwing some shorts in my routine. Basically what this does though is forces me to clean my room to get ready for my new wardrobe. I have to put all my hoodies and old jeans away and get out my Polos and shorts. I much prefer nice weather to the cold so I find this to be a refreshing part of year.

Since this is my blog, I’m going to give you my status after cleaning my room. I will give you a count on various articles and you can compare how that stacks up with yours. I have 13 pairs of shoes varying from running, basketball, dress, casual and that doesn’t count my golf shoes or cleats. I have 13 towels that get rotated when I feel like it. I own 33 t-shirts, 7 of which are white undershirts. I have 16 golf shirts that range from Polo to Nautica to Calvin Klein. It’s actually 17 but Gusto is still in possession of one. I have 16 pairs of white socks, 4 black dress socks, and 9 pairs of running socks. I have 8 pairs of boxers and 0 pairs of any types of underwear or boxer briefs. I have 13 button down shirts and 3 suits. I also have 18 sweaters and 5 zip ups that basically work as sweaters. I have 7 pairs of mesh shorts. Sadly only 4 pairs of jeans which I consider nice jeans and another 3 that I claim are “work” jeans. I also own about 7 belts and 3 swimsuits. There are some more articles of clothing in my laundry bag but they are most likely sweaty and not worth going through. After reviewing these numbers a bit, they seem pretty staggering. I’m curious what people think about them and let me know if I’m reasonably normal. I know the towel thing is already odd so no need to comment there. This wardrobe has been developed over time and I will probably be giving some of it to the salvation army after this little cleaning session.

I also have an issue with sizes. I buy a lot of my clothes in XL even though I’m only 6ft 175 (I tipped the scale at 180 but this is after 6 weeks of no running and I’m finally starting to get back in shape). What happens though is that they usually start out way too big but I wash everything the same way whether it’s not supposed to be washed or not, it goes in with cold water and then dryed in the dryer. Basically some articles of clothing shrink and that’s when the XL’s start fitting perfectly. I’ve noticed though that the sleeves of the polos tend to get real short and then it looks like I am are trying to show off my muscles that I don’t have. I also am an advocate of never trying anything on in the store. I just feel so out of place trying on clothes and would just like to assume that all clothes are the same size no matter the manufacturer. This has obviously gotten me in trouble sometimes but I will usually just wear it anyway even if it’s not sized properly.

I don’t really consider myself a clothes connoisseur but I obviously have quite a bit of crap. The thing is I’m not really fashionable but I just use a lot of clothes because I get sweaty really easily. I can easily go through 3 pairs of something a day. I wake up and put on my work clothes, come home and change into my work out clothes, then shower and change into new clothes that at the end of the day find the way to the hamper. Even with all that clothing I still feel like I need it all, aside from the sweaters which I am very picky about what I wear out. I really just try to blend in and not really look too nice but not look to dumpy either. I don’t even have a dress code at work or else I’d like to think that I’d have even more clothes that make me look more presentable. Spring cleaning is here though and this makes for a good time to look at your wardrobe.