Communication Issues

2 issues I’m going to address and my reasoning behind both. The first deals with what I call the “double call-back.” If you have any idea what I mean by the “double call-back,” you’ll know how annoying this can be. Say it’s 9am and my friend calls me on the phone. Unless I’m at the gym or on a run, there’s a high probability that I’m near my phone. When I don’t pick up the phone, there’s also a good chance that I’m doing something at work and I don’t have time to talk to you because I have more urgent matters that require my attention. So in my mind, I saw this person call, I know I will call them back when I get a chance. Now 10am rolls around and the phone is calling again from the same person. Now this person has put me in the spot that if I answer the phone, it was obvious I was avoiding them. Since they are double calling me, it says to me that this better be pretty important. The other person obviously thinks you aren’t calling them back timely and will be persistent. I understand the logic but I view the phone as a game of tag, if I call you, I just expect you to call back. If it’s important and I really need to talk to you, I’ll leave a message and send a text. If you don’t get back to me after those attempts, then maybe I’ll double call but it’s going to be a serious matter, one where a discussion is needed, before I resort to that. After writing this and re-reading it, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but when it happened I just noted the uneasiness of it.

Text messages can also be hard to handle for me sometimes. Does every text message deserve a response? Is texting like a game of tag that should never end on you? I’ll get some texts sometimes, read them, not know how to respond and then I just don’t and I’m not sure if that’s insulting or not. I like getting the text because there is some mystery behind the little text symbol which is unlike that of a BBM. Same thing with when people write on my wall. Is the wall a means of communication that I should feel obligated to respond to? Can’t the same thing be accomplished by a facebook message as a wall post. I will note however that I have sent some personal facebook messages in the past and I think maybe 1% has ever been responded to. I just don’t get the wall because when I want to tell someone something, I usually want to tell only them and not their whole facebook community. If you ever try to communicate with me and seem to be having some issues, just remember, these are the types of issues that roll through my thought process and most likely it is me malfunctioning and not you. Be aware.