Movies and Vick

I watched 2 movies recently that I’ll give my review. I pretty much think that I can determine what a good movie is as good as anyone. Tropic Thunder and No Country for Old Men were the two movies.

Tropic Thunder is not a good movie. It’s plot is stupid. The actors overact. This movie wasn’t going to win an oscar but I look at it like, you either have a good movie with a good plot, or you go for pure comedy where the movie doesn’t need a plot. Dumb and Dumber fits the latter. This wasn’t either. Jack Black is too much. The black Robert Downey doesn’t thrill me. Ben Stiller is just average. The skinny guy from knocked up was the best character. Movies like this are why I don’t pay 10 dollars at the theater. Lots of hype, average movie.

I watched No Country for Old Men. Why is Tommy Lee Jones the star of this movie? He’s in a couple of scenes and is basically lazy as fuck. The psychopath with the bowl cut from 8th grade steals the movie. Without him you really only have a mediocre movie. His character is a badass and it’s entertaining to watch a psychotic badass. I was entertained throughout and would recommend the movie.

I’ll comment on Michael Vick just for kicks. He’s really not that good. The guy couldn’t hit the broad side of barn. Not to be racist but he’s your typical black quarterback that can’t throw accurately. Other examples are Tavaris Jackson and Vince Young. They are extremely athletic but not NFL quarterbacks. I’d take present Joe Montana over him. Let him stand in the pocket and hit receivers like Kurt Warner did last year. Good defenses will pick him apart. I’m not a Vick fan and don’t see much value unless they use him as a running back. Dog fighting aside, I don’t think he’s that good and people get caught up in the hype and his numbers.