So after some nice dental work on Friday, I begun my vacation. My tooth space was bleeding for about 5 hours after the work and my entire face was numb from 4 novacane shots but all in all I came out of it incredibly well. I was able to play softball on Saturday where our team got creamed. I use the analogy of an intramural bball team who brings their 5 best players to play the whole game, playing against a team of 9 guys where everyone has to play at least 2 quarters. After that I went to the shore where we are staying at a beautiful house on the bay in Avalon. We went to the Princeton on Sat night and I was under control the entire time which led to minimal amounts of fun but it was for the best. I discussed with Jkash that the problem with being pretty much sober at the bar is that you can identify the girls who are either too big or not pretty enough which leads to nothing, and the girls who are too hot, I’m too sober and can’t find the balls to make any moves. It’s quite the conundrum. It’s going to be something I have to get used to though because I’ve been feeling really good physically without much alcohol in my system.

I woke up on Sunday and went for a 5 mile run in the heat. Avalon is supposed to be cooler by a mile but in my estimation it feels hotter than hell. We went to the beach where we were ogling some 17 year old girls. No age was actually confirmed but Jkash overhead the one girl saying that she only goes out with older guys, “Bobby’s a senior, and Jimmy just graduated…” so we were pretty sure they were jail bait. I got burnt to a crisp at the beach because I didn’t put any suntan lotion on and I’m feeling the effects today. Mael and I met Evan at the Borgata later in the night to play some cards. It was my sole intention to not get hammered and just play poker. I probably had about 6 beers on the night and played 1-2 from about 10pm till 3am. I ended up 65 dollars to the plus side with very little variance. I play a really solid game and people tend to just stay away from me. Plus the fact that I’m not drinking gives me very little imagination at the table. We came back at 10am today and I went for another 5 mile run this morning. It really is amazing at what I can accomplish without drinking so much. We had another beach day and just for the bragging rights, I won the race to the boat and back which was probably a little under a half mile. Sam the Ursinus athlete got creamed by Tc the 26 year old aging alchy. I’m pretty pumped about the rest of the week as we have golf lined up one day this week and we are going to take Ms. Avalon out for a fishing trip. We are still o-fer for the trip of catching fish but I’m sure we will make this the year we catch something. Wagon and I got some bait and we casted a line in the bay and something ate the blood worm but our rod wasn’t reeling in and we are using a huge hook that is meant to catch marlins. I am determined to make it happen though. I also foresee another trip to the Borgata for some more card action but I have a ways to go before I even start to dent the beat down from my dental work. I say this sweet Hugo Boss suit that I said I would buy if I won 500 bucks. If I get it I will take a picture of how bad ass I will look. I might buy it anyway just to humor myself.

I’m not really sure how much I’ll post either. My brother has his laptop down here which is what I’m working from now but these are all pretty rudimentary events and I don’t really find them that exciting to write about. I’m still feeling really good though and I expect it to continue for a while. I have this entire week off and then the next entire week off in Ocean City, MD, followed by July 4th which I also plan on spending by the beach. This is going to be some serious sun and I’m loving every minute of it. I truly apologize if you are reading this at work because I am living so much better than you right now. I’m sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away, OHHHHHH, just sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time.
Hate Comments appreciated for my assholeness of uploading the pictures.