Heal the United States

Obama not working

I want to take a moment and explain why America is suffering. First problem, we have way is to many handouts. Welfare, unemployment checks (99 weeks is preposterous), food stamps… call me inhumane but the reason these poor people never amount to anything is because they are taken care of for not doing anything. Let’s fix this budget by finding smarter ways of turning laziness into productivity. Any thing in the US budget that is “helping out the needy” should be turned into a program like FDR’s New Deal. The Gov’t should set up work and have people earn a wage that way. If they’re too lazy to want to work for money than let them rot. I really have little sympathy for people who expect others to help them out. Nothing in life is free. So what do I propose?

To the man and woman who don’t plan (or do to take advantage of handouts) on having 9 kids with no means of income and than wonder why they don’t have enough money to survive, they should be exiled. Your income should justify how many kids you are allowed to have. If you start breaking the law, you should be punished. These people are a drag on the economy.

The Gov’t should give a “find a job” bonus. This bonus can be received once a year and is only available to the unemployed for longer than 1 year. This will prevent job hoppers. Give people a bigger incentive for finding a job other than just having a job. 500 bucks seems adequate. I’d also pay it out upfront. Sounds insane but here’s the caveat, you can’t quit the job for at least a year or you forfeit the bonus. Now I’m sure people think they will just take the money and run but here’s the best part, it’s considered the ultimate crime and you get the death penalty if you are caught. As a ruler, I’m much more strict and cruel. I could have wrote life in prison but than you have to feed them and keep them alive, death penalty is much cheaper.

Society needs to fear the death penalty. It’s so stupid to give a 50 year old 50 years in prison for doing something bad. Just kill them rather than keep them alive and waste money. I suppose if they have value in prison that’s one thing but if they are just going to eat food and do nothing, kill em. Plus any murder someone commits should be the death penalty, aside from self defense. Take a life, give your life. See how much murder rates drop if death were the penalty. Just to be clear, people like Bernie Madoff also deserve the death penalty.

Part of the problem with America, and why everyone wants to live in America, is because it allows freedom and is generous with it’s people. Freedom and Generosity = DEBT. Sure everyone loves you but you get run over. Look at China, they have all sorts of rules and regulation and their people are miserable but they will own us and the rest of the world in 20 years. What’s the solution? I don’t know and Obama doesn’t either. Good luck USA.

* I don’t usually edit but here is one more thought. If a real hard-ass ran for President and preached some of these “cruel” stances, he’d have 0 chance at winning. Why? Because a soft president gets all the votes from the people he’s handing out all these gifts too. You think the people who aren’t well off would ever vote for someone saying I’m going to be strict to correct this mess?