This is going to be a different entry. It’s 2:14 and I’m deciding to write a blog entry. I went out with Jkash to Mad River and I was in control all of the night. I even paid a taxi driver 10 bucks because it could potentially cost me 3k. Mad River was decent and we got some reasonably good deals on drinks. Jkash wound up finding some female at 1 or so and I decided to bounce because I was trying to not make any mistakes and came back here. I finished watching the first Twilight movie and I was pretty satisfied. I feel like there is a lot of hate justified to this series but after watching the movie I thought it was pretty entertaining. If I didn’t know there were sequels after watching the first movies I would have totally felt ripped off. I know I completely missed the boat on this series but that was because it seemed like such a homo series. However, I asked the Jtrain what he thought of Twilight and this 19 year old male answered that he thought it was really good. Unprovoked I got a straight answer and I will also concur with this opinion. I thought the prolonged kiss with Edward was well played and how they drew it out with him spending time with her (yeah right). The fight scene was pretty hokey and it sort of came out of left field which I thought was weak but I thought Kristen Stewart was fine for the role and I had little problem with any other acting. I even thought the dialogue was really good.

When I hear Sam say that he thought Adventueland was really good and then for it to be confirmed by Palmisano (a Princeton undergraduate) I just have to make sure I have my head screwed on. When I asked Sam what he liked about the movie he couldn’t give a good answer and Palm said that he liked the romantic love interest. I completely disagree with the assessment as I thought the entire movie was bland and I couldn’t connect on any levels with the characters. The Ryan Reynolds part was out there and the Kim P (I can’t remember exactly) was just plain dumb and meaningless. It was just not a good movie. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Twilight was interesting and I thought the movie was well done in pretty much every sense. When Edward and Bella are on that tree spending time together and she says something cheesy and he response with something cheesy, I thought it was a job well done on setting the mood. Now don’t’ get me wrong here, I thought the prom dancing scene was reasonable for a series with sequels but the ending was borderline terrible. Watch the show True Blood and then you’ll know how to end an episode. Seriously that show does it every single week. If I don’t get Hbo this week in OCMD, first thing I’ll do is OnDemand True Blood. I still have to watch Treme before I head off but I plan to do that at 9am tomorrow before I head out. I’m also sure that I’ll take some heat for this flaming post but I’m not ashamed to admit what I think. I think the show Glee is good and I also find the Twilight series entertaining. Sorry.