I Want What He’s Having

tongue sticking out

The idea was first brought to my attention years ago by a friend of mine.  The idea is simple: kids are straight-up trippin’ balls!

I don’t have any scientific data to support this notion, but the evidence is quite obvious if you simply spend some time around children.  I believe that for the vast majority of children, up until around 8 years of age, give or take, because the brain is still developing, they are not yet full human beings.  Instead, they are almost-humans, perpetually wacked out of their gourds.

Logic tells me it’s likely brain chemistry and early developmental stages of becoming a full-fledged human being.  I don’t know if it’s the juices in the brain still swirling around or the very fact that as children, things are still novel, so everything they do and say is, in a sense, a test.  They are testing out the world and their environment, learning from it with each and every move and calculated and un-calculated decision.  They are like mini scientists without any guidelines or instructions manual.

They pee on stuff.  They make funny faces and sounds.  They laugh at seemingly everything and nothing.  They scream for no apparent reason.  They run around in circles shouting nonsense, as if it’s utterly important; I wonder if their gibberish very well may be gospel if we could only interpret it.

What if they’re tripping because they are still feeling the effects of getting over living a previous life?  What if it’s because as the brain develops they have yet to realize how fucked up the world is, so they are untainted by it, just out to have a good time?  I obviously don’t have any of these answers but when I see kids, I see how much fun they have and I often think to myself, I wish life were still that much fun and that simple: test and re-test.  Remember how great a simple toy was as a child?  And how if someone handed it to you now, you’d be like “what the hell, why are you giving me this?  Go away I have expense reports to review.”  Whatever the reason may be, I think every one of us at one point or another would relish the opportunity to just go balls-out, that is to say, to re-live childhood, or at least the good parts of it.