Trash Post

I decided to clean up my posts that I never finish and just throw them all into one post. Generally these are posts that I write and then decide that the topic sucks and I just never finish them. Keep that in mind when you read them and think to yourself WTF am I reading.

Give me one reason
This has nothing to do with the Tracy Chapman song. I know I’m not the best communicator in the world but I generally have a purpose for what I’m trying to accomplish. If I’m calling you, it’s not to just talk. I have a specific reason and I make that clear from the beginning. I find that some people like to open with a “What’s up” or some statement that the only response I can give is OK… If you want to talk to me just ask me a question or tell me something that I would care about. Tell me how I can make money or how good I think Jamaal Charles is. Don’t ask how my day was or what I’m currently doing. Ask me if I want to do something fun like get drunk or play sports. Don’t ask me what I’m doing sometime in the distant future. If I have to look or think about a question and my only answer is OK, this conversation isn’t going anywhere.

Picture Taking
I’ve always had this weird thought on people who take pictures while they are doing things. I understand if you want to take a picture of a trademark or something you’d like to remember, but there is a line to what’s normal and what’s overdoing it. If you have to bring your camera everywhere you go because you like to document your fun, chances are you aren’t having nearly enough fun. Now when I get myself into some of these unusual nights, it would be a good time to have some pictures. I would assume the people who love pictures are the people who need to convince themselves they are having fun and that they look good doing it. I don’t mind the occasional picture but there’s a line you don’t want to cross.

Facebook Post
In a recent post I gave my impression on Facebook’s wall and now I want to give my opinion on facebook’s overall effectiveness. First of all, I have no issues with Facebook and I think the service is pretty neat. It gives a good foundation for getting in touch with people and even organizing events. It’s a good place for people to share ideas as well. I prefer it over Twitter because Twitter seems incredibly dumb to me. I would find it creepy if I had people subscribing to my feed because they found it curious what I was going to do next or what my next thought was. I find the newsfeed easy to wade through and the people search is easy to use. So I obviously wouldn’t be making this post to praise Facebook because that’s not my style. The next paragraph will be dedicated to the problems I have with it.

Recent news has shown that facebook has privacy issues with their applications. In my lifetime, I have refused to download any of these so called apps. Anytime something asks me to download it whether it’s a quiz or some game, I’m not interested because that’s how viruses are spread. So I don’t play farmville or any of the other crap that because I don’t care about any virtual crops. I also find it creepy how it suggests people to me and people I click on seem to pop up more so. It’s obviously documenting what I’m doing and the Ad’s are always designed to my preferences. Facebook is becoming it’s on live self and in some regard it’s creeping me out.

Writing Styles
I was killing time one day and checking on peoples blogs who seem to generate more traffic than mine and they all had a common theme, some of these people are really, really good writers. After I read theirs and read mine, I think to myself “ugh, me caveman, me write bad.” I understand that there are billions of people out there any maybe I was just reading some of the better blogs but some entries were just really well written. I need some theme to constantly write about to develop an audience and then I can start going off the wall with crazy topics.

Even good drivers can’t like the left hand turn into 2 lanes incoming traffic and then 2 more lanes of outgoing traffic, specifically in rush hour. 1 lane, left turns are no problem because once you are in the oncoming lane, you just wait for someone moving in the other direction to let you in. 2 lanes gets annoying because you can get your car between one car, but then you have to make sure the other car in the your lane is letting you in too. This gets even more complicated when the other side of the road is completely packed and now you have to merge with them as well and trying not to feel rushed because you are blocking traffic. Considering most people are shitty drivers, I feel like people should just avoid this type of turn because I see it every morning where Ridge and Kelly connect. These massive trucks try to make left turns into parking lot traffic and it just makes everything worse for everyone.