Trash shot, Bomb Threats, and Entitlement

I’m going to start with the least controversial and move down the line. I’ve made note in previous entry’s about throwing trash into the can but today I’m going to go into some more depth. On day’s I get Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast, a paper bag always accompanies the order. I always sit in the same spot eating it and after I finish it I take the bag and basketball shoot it into a 1 1/2′ x 1′ can. This is how I determine whether the day is going to be a good day or not. I probably make 75% but I’m using a crumpled up paper bag which is pretty easy material to shoot. The annoying thing about the trash can shot is that if you miss, you have to stand up and then in a defeated manner slam the bag into the trash can in disgust. Now a paper bag is an easy shot but with material like paper towels and writing paper, it can get more challenging. I hardly find anything more annoying than dropping a piece of paper in the basket and having it flutter around and get swept up by a sudden gust of wind and miss the target. Picking up thrown trash can make or break the day.

I’ve never really understood bomb threats. I read that there was one on the Eiffel Tower the other day which made me think of this. My initial thought is to disregard all bomb threats. If the person was so serious about blowing something up, why would he inform authorities of what he was going to do. Seems like the stupidest thing to draw as much attention as possible to yourself and increase your chances of getting caught infinitely. Now I understand that if you are going to blow something up, you at least want to be recognized for the cowardly act. There’s no notoriety if you just put a bomb on the Eiffel tower, blow it up, and then hide in the shadows the rest of your life. They must be thinking “I don’t really want to do this, BUT I CAN, so you better take me seriously.” The worst thing is that you have to take these maniacs seriously because if you dismissed all bomb threats and then it occurred, you’d look like a schmuck. Just an unusual event in general.

If your a loyal reader, you know I stay away from politics, but every once in a while I read something to comment on. The gov’t and entitlements has me stirring. Here are a few facts:
“Nearly half of all Americans live in a household in which someone receives gov’t benefits, more than at any time in history.”
“At the same time, the fraction of American households not paying federal income taxes has also grown – to an estimated 45% in 2010 from 39% five years ago.”
“Some 41.3 million people were on food stamps, up 45% from June 2008”
“9.7 million unemployed workers were receiving unemployment checks (for 99 weeks), more than twice as many as the 4.2 million in August 2008.

My thoughts. (Lazy) People are relying on the gov’t, while the gov’t is relying on it’s hard working citizens. This is a formula destined to fail. With new taxes going into place Jan 1st, this trend of taxing the working and giving to the needy will only get worse. What this also does is give less incentive to the bright people to be innovative because they get taxed more by the gov’t for making a lot of money. People are constantly complaining about unemployment but if the gov’t is going to give unemployment benefits for 99 weeks, what motivation do these people have to even look for jobs? America is a great place to live because of the freedom it offers, but we shouldn’t be a nation of smart, hard workers providing for the slothful and stupid. Sadly the real problem isn’t because of the citizens but the people in charge. All the corruption and waste in the political circles is frightening. I’m sure if I actually knew more about what actually occurs, I would be even more horrified. I’m moving to a better place like Afghanistan where I can be living everyday in fear of being blown up opposed to whining about Obama.