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I set my alarm for 6:52 this week. On Monday, I woke up and hit the snooze a time a two, for some unknown reason my blackberry snooze is every 5 minutes. So I end up into my car at 7:15. Green Lane is already backed up past our driveway and then the entrance to Kelly dr is backed up for, I’d guess 50 cars. Tuesday I’m in my car by 7:09 and I’m greeted with the same scenario. So today I get up when my alarm goes off and an in my car by 7:01. No backup on Green, none on the way to Kelly and it took me around 35 minutes and that even includes stopping at Dunkin Donuts. Today’s drive was perfect and I wonder if it’s because Wednesday’s are lighter traffic days or if those few minutes make the difference. Personally I think the minutes make the difference because in people’s minds 6 am is different than 7 am. The mental state behind it being 6 in the morning compared to 7 is the explanation behind the back ups. In my opinion, when people are leaving to go to work when I am, they most likely have an 8am start time. If they are on the road at 7:15 it’s early and they have plenty of time to manage traffic. They don’t need to be on the road any earlier than that. Considering more people probably have 8am start times than 7am, it makes sense why 7am would have considerably less traffic then 7:15. Just my whacked out opinion on traffic but since you deal with it every day, it’s something to comment on.

The other problem with morning commutes is the music today was awful. At one point I was listening to It’s Alright by Kenny Loggins because it was easily the best song playing. I actually like this song but for it to be by far and away the best was hard to take. There’s a song called Percussion Gun that is so awful and still gets play time on AltNation. Pink, Pat Benetar, Travie McCoy, and Justin Timberlake were clogging up the airwaves today. It’s so obvious that they should create a new station where you have one person pick out the music and he can pick out whatever he wants based on his personal music tastes. The stations are all geared to a specific genre of music. They should make it so you have a personality who speaks every so often so you can personalize with the dj and if he likes the music, there’s a good chance you will too. I feel like they have a list of songs that get shuffled and a lot of old boring crap is played. I actually intend to give this suggestions to Sirius because I know they have guests who do this from time to time but I want stations devoted to it. They had Mark Hoppus from Blink who was doing this and even though I’m not a huge Blink fan, he had good taste in music and it’s cool to hear what a talented artist thinks is good music.

New subject. Monday, for the first time ever ,the guy who opens the doors at Dunkin Donuts asks me for change. Now this came as a bit of surprise to me because I never knew he was looking for change, I just figured he liked to hold the door and wear a bright colored traffic vest for nothing. So I actually tipped my change on Monday so I didn’t have anything to give him. On Tuesday I eat my breakfast somewhere different but today as I was driving right past DD, I heard the song “Change” by Tears for Fears. This sparked my brain to give change to the guy. So I went in and he wasn’t there. After I ordered and got my food, he appeared out of nowhere to open the door. I had already tipped my change again so I went to my car, got a buck, and gave it to him and said something stupid like “you do a good job.” A smile ran across his face and I expect to have good karma for the rest of the day.

Finally random rant. The way that Guitar Hero is ruining songs, I feel like Glee is having the same effect. It’s not in the same way because Guitar Hero would ruin songs by making you play them repeatedly until you got sick of them. This is a common thing with songs because once you hear them too much, they start to get on your nerves. Sad to say I thought Teenage Dream was pretty good and now it just bothers the hell out of me. What Glee does is opens the eyes of their fan base, I would guess middle, high school & college students and makes them aware of some pretty good songs out there. I actually think that they make some of the songs better as was the case with “losing my religion” by REM. But I also think they can ruin songs like “Only the Good Die Young” by Billy Joel. I was thankful they didn’t sing any Christopher Cross songs last week because that could have nationalized the popularity of a gem in “Ride Like the Wind.”

Final paragraph goes out specifically to my brother Sam who I think might like this band because they play the type of music who I believe he may find likable. They are XTC and I don’t believe it’s because of the drug.

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I haven’t updated in a week and I feel no obligation to do so. I write this so I can look back on it in years and say “wow, what was I thinking.” My goal isn’t to entertain the masses but to keep myself occupied. I’m going to write about things that people do that I don’t get.

When people ask the question “really?” after someone just said they have done something. Unless the person is a pathological liar, chances are they aren’t making it up. I catch myself asking this from time to time and it really should be deleted from everyone’s vocab. However, there are certain times I would say it’s ok. For example, I went to a bottomless mussel restaurant and ate 7 bowls. “Really” is unacceptable. Why would anyone lie about eating 7 bowls of mussels, is it really that unbelievable that is constitutes asking really? Now if I say I went to an asian massage parlor and got some up and down action and then busted in her some pretty little girls face, that would be ok to ask “really” do to the extremeness of the situation. All I can say is just pay attention to how often you say this and see if it’s appropriate when you use it.

I can’t stand when I’m sitting at a traffic light and people are making turns in front of me and they start peering into my car to check me out. Do I have something hanging out of my nose? This bothers me beyond belief. Keep your eyes on the road and out of my car. It’s like an invasion of privacy. I have no care at all about the other drivers on the road. The only time I care whose in the car is when I see them do something stupid like cut someone off or drive over the median, and then I’ll racially profile them. This warrant a drive up to check out to see if my accusastions are correct. Or if I think the girl could be a hottie then I’ll take a look. Problem is there isn’t much to do even if she is attractive. It’s tough to start a conversation. I could do a stupid wave. Or I could show how much of a badass I am by speeding by, but that only leaves me by myself 100 yards ahead of where I want to be. Bottom line, keep your eyes outta my car.

I see people walking all the time when they are “exercising”. Maybe this is all they can muster up, a slow walk. I don’t considering walking exercise. If I walk a golf course, then maybe, just maybe, am I getting any so called exercise. That’s probably about 4-5 miles of walking. If it’s too hard to jog, try power walking. Anything that actually makes you make an attempt at trying. Our society has gotten so lazy that it doesn’t surprise me shit has hit the fan with the whole economic situation. Everyone is looking for shortcuts. Or ways to get by without doing shit. The slothfulness of people is just getting worse with each generation. I have no heart for people who give no effort and ask the questions “why aren’t things the way I think they should be?”

The blame game pisses me off. Nowadays people don’t take responsibility. In my business there is no hiding behind other people. If something goes wrong, there aren’t a lot of people to pin the blame on. When I fuck up, I man up. These are important characteristics to have. The ability to make a decision, followed by the ability to say you were wrong. Blaming other people and making excuses for when things go wrong is a pussy’s mentality. I’m going to call out my roommate as an example but I don’t think he’ll mind. I’ll say, “can you get us a case of water tomorrow.” He replies, “sure thing.” I come home the next day, “where’s the fucking water?” “TC, I had to go to work early and then JP had me on a top secret project and I got stuck in traffic so I couldn’t stop to get it.” Bullshit. You’re telling me you didn’t have 3 minutes in your day to stop by a CVS and buy a case of water. Don’t take it personal Wagon.

I hate this fucking chair. The thing creaks whenever I lean back. I want to throw this piece of shit across the room just to shut it up. It actually affects my state of mind knowing that I have to sit perfectly still just so the chair doesn’t making any goddamn noise. This is my biggest concern. I don’t mind people have swine flu, the gov’t wastes the tax payer money, or that North Korea wants to blow the shit out of us. I’m considering just spending a k on a new chair just to avoid this issue with a hundred dollar pos.

Does the average person have these same thoughts? Sometimes I think people get so wrapped up in everyday nonsenses that they don’t care about the stuff that’s really important like using the term really or what chair they sit in. These are the things that matter. These are the things that we deal with day after day.

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