Fall’s Openers Fail

I’ve watched 3 season openers this year of series that I usually don’t watch. The Office, Tosh.O, and Workaholics. Let me start off by saying that I thought all 3 were brutally horrible.

  • Let’s start with the Office. I understand that I’m not an Office die hard and maybe I’m missing some inside jokes, but I maybe cracked a smile once during the episode titled “the list” and that was when Stanley was telling people to shove it up their butt. I want to point out why I think this show is terrible and why morons like it. When Jim tells Dwight to throw him the phone and he speed pitches it at the wall. This isn’t sophisticated humor. This is try to get a laugh by being retarded. Another example of this retarded humor is when the Daryl said “all I got was this soda.” How stupid is that? I really, really, really hope that was an inside joke that I’m not aware of because that is not in the least bit funny. Pam is just the whiniest character who I can’t stand. This is probably the 3rd or 4th episode of the Office I’ve ever seen, and I have no interest to watch any more of this season, or the show.


  • Tosh.O season opener is beyond bad. This is probably the least funny show, that people think is funny, on Earth in 2011. The clips he shows can’t save the show because even they aren’t funny. He brings on this little black man who reminds me of Beetlejuice from Howard Stern to do some rapping for 5 minutes. It was one of those “feel bad for this guy because he’s really not that retarded and we’re paying him a lot of money for him to perform a shitty song.” I don’t even think that Daniel Tosh is that annoying but the show is just horrible. The one skit where the guy pretends to be the Dr was honestly some of the worst television I’ve watched. Aside from Tosh talking to the students in line format, I thought the show was the biggest waste of 30 minutes and want watch another.


  • Workaholics was the best show of the 3 but that’s not saying much. I was hesitant to think this show was funny during the first season but it sort of grabbed my attention. The plots were always kind of dumb but the characters were relatively humorous. They had some funny one liners and the chemistry between the 3 lead characters was entertaining. This season opener though was really dumb. With a dumb premise of thinking that their tax money paid for a dinosaur in a park that they decided to steal, it then got re-stolen by some high school kids who then overtook their house and threw a party. A few funny lines was all that carried this episode, my favorite being Adam saying “that was such a Tommy move” when he named the dinosaur Reptar. I still have some hopes for this show but it did not get off to a good start.