I bought a giant bag of peanut M & M’s from Sam’s club. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Sam’s but they give you big portions for less money. So I have this giant bag in my car that I just keep on my front seat and take from whenever I’m in between packs of BBQ sunflower seeds. The bag has one of these obnoxious, hard to close ziplocks where if you don’t meet them exactly right they only false close. This isn’t foreshadowing in anyway. So I have a lot of shit in my car and I have to move the M&M’s to back. Rather than put them on the back seat where they are liable to slide around, I put them in between the passenger seat and the back seat. The next day while slamming on the brakes for an inept driver, I hear some rattling and remember that I left the M & M’s back there. So I reach back from the driver seat and lift the bag only to have it shifted to the upside down position and a ridiculous amount come pouring out. I hear them sliding underneath seat and I see them all over the floor. At this point I’m outraged but remember the scene from Tommy Boy.

Richard – “Oh that sounds good: melted chocolate inside the dash. That really ups the resale value
Tommy – “I think you’ll be okay here, they have a thin candy shell. ‘Surprised you didn’t know that'”
Richard – “I think your brain has a thick candy shell”
Tommy – “Your… Your brain has the shell on it.”
Richard- “Are you talking?”
Tommy – “Shut up Richard.”

So now my car has so much random stuff under the seats that I don’t even care at this point. Some people make such a big deal about keeping their car clean and I understand that completely but when the car’s a leaser and you know you are going to give it back, I just don’t have the same appreciation. I feel that same way about scratches, dings and dents. I have this huge stain on my floor mat because I had a Gatorade bottle and didn’t screw the cap on exactly right and it leaked all over. You do see the root of the problem though. The manufacture’s are not idiot proofing their products. You can actually screw on that Gatorade cap so you think it’s tight but it’s just on another set of grooves. When I turned in my last car I had 2,000+ dollars worth of damage for retarded things. I accidentally slashed the leather of the front seat by slamming my key through it. I’d consider buying but that would make me treat it more like shit because now I know I’m stuck with it and whatever I do to it I will just have to live with. I should really just drive a Honder.

I made a Tommy Boy reference and it’s funny how the stories are somewhat similar. I’m Tom, he’s Tommy. We both are set to follow in the family business. That’s really about it. My business isn’t about to go under and my Dad isn’t marrying a smoking hot Milf with a “son” whose really her lover. It’s just a good movie and I thought worth mentioning. This is one of the only movies I thought David Spade was good in. I’m actually going on a sales trip this week and I always think about this movie and the similarities.

Just to add some filler in a non organized manner. I can’t recommend Gang’s of New York because other than Daniel Day Lewis the movie wasn’t very good. I made some money on my June $1 SIRI calls but am down on my May $5 C calls which didn’t turn out so well. Still 3+ weeks til expiration so I have my fingers crossed. I’m gonna read the Hunter S. Thompson Biography and see what I need to do to learn how to lead an more exciting life. I also haven’t run in 3 days due to bad feet and will look to get one more good long run in before Sunday. I’ll throw in some shorter distances but nothing to major at this point. I’m feeling pretty good though and look forward to things to come.