Roxborough High School Alumni Mile

This is an actual picture of the Roxborough Track

This is an actual picture of the Roxborough Track

This post is about more than a mile.

Today I decided to test my physical limitations by time trialing a mile. I texted Sam to meet me at the Roxborough High track and he would stand as a witness. I hadn’t run on a track in about 2 years so I expected the unexpected.

During my 4 years in Manayunk I used to run the track once or twice a week. Living in Philly doesn’t allow the same privileges so I was fairly excited to see what kind of shape I was in. The reason I decided to test myself was because I hadn’t drank a lot this weekend and I’ve been playing ball regularly. I warmed up with 3/4 of a mile and Sam arrived at the meet time.

We made small talk and I told him I didn’t need his assistance and would time it myself. I started off hot running a 67 quarter. I knew it was too fast but the adrenaline was pumping to start. My half time was 2:20 so I had a nice 10 second cushion on a sub 5 pace. I was fading a bit on the third lap and ran a 77. I still had 8 seconds of space and finished with a 79 which was good for a 4:56 mid.  I was pleased.  It was fun running with Sam afterward while he was doing his work out.  I miss this track interaction.  Today gave me a chance to return to a place that I’ve spent a lot of time at and see how things change while still staying the same.

Kids on a trackSam’s almost 23 and I remember being his age and living in Manayunk, working out at the track, and getting drunk on weekends.  At 30, I can’t explain where the time goes. I’ve lived for 8 years longer than him but I remember those days like they were yesterday. Today was a wake up call that the clock never turns back as much as you may want it to. This is the most depressing thought there is if you think about it. I’m not going to get hung up on that though because it leads nowhere. It’s important to always be advancing in life even if you are running circles on a track.