Who sings that? – The originals

I think it’s funny when people say things like “I love that song by so and so” and it turns out that the song they love is really just a cover of the original. Here is my list of ten songs that I think you might be surprised to know were covers. I’m going to embed the original and I’ll just have a link to the version that you probably are more familiar with. No particular order either.

10. Respect – Otis Redding

Aretha’s version

9. Love Rollercoaster – Ohio Players

RHCP version would be my guess of who people think sing the song.

8. Tainted Love – Gloria Jones

Fairly obvious Soft Cell version.

7. All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan

Jimi’s version would be what I suspect most people think.

6. The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie

Undoubtedly people would think Nirvana created this.

5. Last Kiss – J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers

I have a feeling most people think Pearl Jam owned the original.

4. Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

Here’s the Counting Crows version

3. Istanbul – The Four Lads

Most people would know the They Might be Giants cover.

2. Twist and Shout – Isley Brothers

The Beatles cover is infinitely more popular.

1. Take me to the River – Al Green

The Talking Heads did not create this song.

I hope this list educated some of my readers so they don’t have to look foolish thinking that some songs are the originals when, most likely, they are just covers that were done better than the original. I hope some of you found this interesting.