The Wink – Part 1

I have never used a wink. in my lifetime for any purpose other than making sure two people are on the same page without the 3rd person knowing. I take that back, we’ve played the game drug dealer before and that requires a wink. The reason I even thought about this post is because I’ve been winked at twice in the past 2 days. I read the wikipedia description of the wink and for the most part it is used for backstabbing and flirting. I’m fairly certain that the two winks that went my way were neither.

The first was from a 250 lb poker female dealer who winked at me. I’m not sure if she was going to deal me a good hand or give me a good hand, either way I was confused. I sort of looked at her and laughed like I understood what the hell she was winking at but in reality was scared to death what she meant by it. The other was even more bizarre because I was in the elevator going down to work out and this random bro was also heading down. He was dressed in running attire and we sort of looked at each other. I gave him a silent head nod acknowledgement and he gave me this wink smile which was baffling. I asked him if he was doing the Broad St and in a thick Ukrainian accent (total guess) he told me he was. I’m not sure if winking is a normal greeting in the Ukraine or if he caught some dust in his eye but I anxiously waited for the elevator to get to the floor. Both situations were odd and it made me realize I never use the wink and that I probably never will.

However, due to the intrigue of the blog and the social experiment that can go along with the wink, I’m going to try to use it on 5 separate occasions to attractive girls who are complete strangers. I’ve actually never attempted a wink at a person before so I have to make sure I’m doing it right to get the full effect but I think with some practice I can perfect it. In a future post I’ll document the results which I”m sure will be stellar.