The Grip

A key component that most people overlook in pretty much everything is the grip. Without the proper grip, depending on the activity, it’s difficult to do things successfully. Two things in my life have shown me this recently, golf and throwing a Frisbee. Golf is the most obvious, if you have a weak grip, you won’t strike the ball cleanly. People wonder how I hit my irons so far and it has nothing to do with my strength. It’s a strong grip with my right hand’s “v” pointed to my right shoulder. When I go to the range and start messing with a more neutral grip, my shots are changed dramatically. The frisbee is very similar. Sam likes to throw a frisbee and I had a catch with him last week. I was trying to throw using a forward throw and just wasn’t getting it. Then I started messing with the way I placed me fingers underneath and with each subtle adjustment came a different kind of throw. I still wasn’t good at it but improvement can sometimes be found by just altering a grip. It’s usually thought that comfort is the best idea for a grip but I’m not so sure. If you are trying an activity and are sucking at it, remember this post and my consideration of a grip.

Let me also point out other things. I have huge accuracy problems throwing a baseball and how to hold the ball is mainly why. Shooting a basketball the same thing. Do you hold it dead center? Fingers always on the seams? I never throw a spiral either. Hands on the back laces? Only the middle finger? Beer pong follows the same virtue. I try to put my thumb and index finger on the middle line that connects the ping pong ball. This gives me the same feeling with every shot. The grip seems so rudimentary but is probably the most important, overlooked concept.