Some terms that I have an opinion on:

Preggo or preggers – It makes it seem like a derogatory thing just happened to the person. I think the word just sounds bad and knocked up could easily replace it.

That’s what she said – extremely overused. A simple sentence that has the word hard, comes, or big seems to be followed by this phrase by office fanatics.

Fail – This isn’t going anywhere so it really just has to be accepted.

“u” or “urself” – People use these all the time in texts but I just feel more comfortable with proper spelling in correct grammar. I don’t really see this is as a time saver.

Chilly – I’ve used this word to describe weather in the 30’s before and people give me this I’m crazy look because they think it’s way colder than just chilly. Chilly to them would be in the 50’s but I think it can be used for colder circumstances.

Marbles, rocks, grapes, nuts, stones… – Any of these small and round items can be used to replace your testicles and are all funny.

Ax (ask) – I think the way ax can be substituted as ask is despicable. I’m going to ask you a question, I’m not axing anything. This is one that really has crossed the line.

“Go fuck yourself” – this comes off with an extreme connotation that I don’t really mind using. If someone says something you don’t like, this is a good comeback. It comes off way to harsh but feels really good to say it.

Dope, bozo, moron, ass clown, douche, pussy and bitch are all good names to call people who do stupid things. Dope and bozo are rarely used so it’s good to switch it up from time to time. Moron fits most dumbasses. Douche corresponds to selfish people doing asshole things. Bitch and pussy are the best insults for someone who can’t do manly things. Notice Tyson using it appropriately below. Coward is great too.