Living in the Digital World

“I can’t live in this digital world.” – JC

This is my favorite picture of my dad and goes perfectly with this post.

This is my favorite picture of my dad and goes perfectly with this post.

Yesterday my dad, JC, wanted to change his voicemail recording.  He was struggling with where to find it (personal greeting in the voicemail settings) and I stood by him going through about 3 prompts to get to the exact part where they say “record your personal greeting.”  I left the room assuming nothing could go wrong but I probably wouldn’t be sharing if it ended there.  After he left the message he didn’t know what to hit (#) and mistakenly disconnected the call.  In frustration he decided not to go through it again.

I have no idea what it’s like living without technology so I came up with opinions on how tech should work properly.  Below is a list of situations that arise are not always the easiest to manage but I can shed some light on.


The Last Text in a Group Chat

What happens when I want to send a funny text.

What happens when I want to send a funny text.

You don’t ever want to be the person who has the last text.  It means that your last text sucked and no one knows how to respond to it.  Stoppers basically consist of bad jokes, insults, and stupidity.  I was part of a 6 person chain that had about 20 straight messages within 5 minutes, I made a corny jab at an individual and the entire chain stopped.  It sucked.

The Planning Group

message-addA bachelor party or  trip is being planned and an email has been sent out to 25 different people to see who is interested.  Popular procedure is to respond to ONLY the person who sent the email whether you are interested.  Group responding to let people know you’d go is weak.  However, a group response about a funny story or humorous joke is encouraged AS LONG AS IT’S ACTUALLY FUNNY.   Some people are naturally funny and good at this or you can be like me where you put too much damn pressure on yourself that it feels forced and dumb.

The Voicemail

humor01 voicemail_thumbDon’t leave a voicemail.  Why leave a voicemail when you can text a person the same exact info?  It’s honestly the dumbest part of technology that still exists on personal phones.  Businesses still should use voicemail.  Friends should not.

Get Off Your Phone!

image015We played the phone game on Saturday night where you stack your phone and the first person who touches it loses.  I was pretty drunk but we lasted for a solid 30 minutes (complete guess).  In the meantime a chugging contest ensued and was far more entertainment than a phone could provide.  I don’t get annoyed at people who check their phones as long as their cognizant of their surroundings.   You don’t check your phone at a meal unless you are showing someone info derived from a conversation.  Checking your phone at of pure boredom is also a trait people need to work on.