The Hotel

So I’ve come up with my best idea ever. It’s way better than the driving range / bar which I still think would be a (get) hit. Or my beer distributor / strip club where the strippers are the sales people. This idea revolves around Manayunk and Main St. The main problem with main st. is that there are no hotels. Now, not any hotel would do. What I want is a quickie hotel. Basically, the hotel will give you the ability to rent out rooms in intervals of 30 minutes. Pricing would be something like 30 bucks for 30 minutes. So if you are dancing with some hot number at some local bar and it’s 12 o’clock and you want to get busy, you don’t have to wait till 2 am when your friends are ready to leave to get it on. There’s “the hotel” that people will have access to to make magic happen. Or if you want to get with some girl who you’d rather keep below the radar because you don’t want to bring her back to your apt where your friends are, you take her to the hotel. This place could get so big that you’d have people waiting to use the rooms.

Now I have a business so I’ve thought of things that could be problematic. First off you’d have to higher a clean up crew for all the rooms which would get messy. I don’t know too many people who want to clean up cum stained sheets, although I’m sure if the price is right people would do it. The other problem is, would you have to operate as a normal hotel during the day? I don’t forsee this as a real hotel but only a place for drunk hook ups. That leaves a lot of downtime however this could be easily solved. Love shack at night and a pool / ping pong / poker room for the day. I just thought of a genius idea while writing this. It would be called the 3 p’s. 3 the three just mentioned for the day and plastered porking and phucking at night. BOOYAH.

If you steal this idea at least consult with me.