Tc’s Challenge – Self Evaluation

You can score yourself at home and than challenge me to a ten event decathlon if you think you’re better than me. Scoring is based on a 5 point scale, 5 being the highest.

Basketball – 3.5 – Since 3’s average, I consider myself a bit better than average. I think a 4 is being a bit generous as I can’t shoot all that well. I don’t play much anymore and just have no touch. I understand the game better than most though and I can run the floor, rebound, and play defense. Better than average, but not amazing. I potentially could be a 4.5 if I played more and could hit a jumper. There is no way I could ever deserve a 5, even with all the practicing in the world. Steve Nash is 6ft and is a 5. I can’t think of many other whites who are my height and a 5 in basketball.

Tennis – 3 – Not much to say here. Ck4 and I have been playing about once a week and I’ve improved considerably from just starting. A new racket certainly helped. My serve is little to be desired and I have enough trouble just keeping the ball in play but with my athletic ability, I think would deserve an average rating. With practice this could easily rise to a 4 as I find tennis to be pretty routine.

Ping Pong – 3 – I’ve been a 4.5 before though. Back in college we used to play everyday and I was good. This is a pretty simple game that you just need to play to get better. It’s completely a feel game. If you can start slamming balls that cross the net too high on a consistent basis, you can beat any simpleton.

Foos Ball– 3 – Another game that I used to play a ton in college but haven’t touched since. Pretty foolish to put on this list but to have the skills to pass back and forth between your front line and to foos opponents, I think I deserve at least an average.

Running Events – 4.5 – One of the few things that I technically “practice”. Anyone who can run 6 minutes miles for multiple miles deserves a better than average rating. I haven’t time trialed myself in a mile recently but maybe sometime this week I will to give you an idea.

Golf – 4 – I think I’m an above average golfer. Not to mention I keep score properly so I actually get legit scores. I can drive the ball 300 yards and with a little practice I’m pretty confident I could be a high 70’s, low 80’s golfer consistently. Golf is really a practice sport that just requires time. Anyone who has decent hand eye coordination can play golf.

Beer Pong – 1.5 sober, 4 drunk – When I play pong sober it’s like trying to throw a marble into a dixie cup. I have no feel at all. Once I start getting a few drinks, the idea of thinking how to shoot the ball fades away and I can start zoning in. I was better in college when I used to play every week but now it’s just something to do to pass the time. I’m decent but nothing extraordinary.

Quarters – 4.5 – Another game I’m better at when I’m drunk. I’ve rarely found too many people who I THINK are better than me in this game. People claim they are the best but when I’m on, I win. I’ll concede I’m not very good when I’m sober.

Video Games – 2 now, 4.5 back in the day – I pretty much stopped playing all video games on all systems. I’ve had my moments though in many games on many platforms. The obvious front runners for what I played the most are Bond and Perfect Dark, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo and Soldier of Fortune. I played all the other Resident Evil type games as well but the above mentioned consumed thousands of hours I’d guess. I was way better than average in all those games too. Now, I stopped playing because it was truly a complete waste of time. No physical exercise, no real benefit, nothing really. Maybe some hand eye.

Poker – 4.5 – I’m confident I’ve played more poker than 98% of the population. Aside from the real grinders and super intelligent, I’m the next level below. My cash game record is profitable and I’ve made some deep runs in tourny’s that potentially could have netted some big paydays. Problem was it occupied a lot of my time and I wasn’t making enough money to make it truly worthwhile. However, I still have the experience and I’ve played thousands of heads up tournaments, which should give me an edge over most. Even though I’m pretty rusty now, I’ve put in some time to learn the game.

*Chess – 3 – Event 11 is a game I find particularly fun but no one ever wants to play. Once again I dabbled with Chess in college and learned a few opens but people on Yahoo would whoop me which lead me to quit. However, I think I’m probably better than most people who just have never played. This can be substituted for any of the above.

Well everyone, there you go 36/50, that’s 10 events and I welcome challengers. The purpose is for me to show you my self evaluation, have you do your self evaluation, and than prove to you that, most likely, you aren’t being real with yourself. I could add a day of drinking in the event list and that would be a fun one. That would really be a competition I’d welcome challengers.