Thursday Mad River

Traffic to this blog has been up lately so I just want to thank people for viewing it. It was Chad’s idea to thank the readers but he added that he doesn’t like giving credit to anyone other than the creator which is fine. This is going to be a quick entry because I don’t have much going on but Big Steve and Ed came over to get a first hand look at Mad River Thursday’s. Much to my chagrin the crowd was pretty lame and the girls were slim pickens. We did do a few mind erasers and on my way back I got a hot sausage and cheese fries. The women who works there sees me wasted most weekend nights so she accommodated me with a free soda (wa-hoo). Not to much to go into detail with other than it was a pretty standard night. I woke up with a moderately bad feeling but I feel ok now. I just wanted to post something because the more you post, the more people visit.