The Joys of Target

At my age I am starting to care less and less about how I look. Not to say that I ever really cared but I do my best to fit in. That being said, I have no problem shopping at Marshall’s or Target to save money. I went to Target and bought socks, boxers, t-shirts, and a bathing suit. Now I also am in the market for some new polos and shorts but there was something that made me refrain from buying them at Target. Basically all the stuff I mentioned is either stuff worn beneath my clothes or stuff no one will ever notice. When I wear a polo with the polo logo, it at least crosses my mind that someone might notice. So even though the Merona polo shirt is 9.99 and no one will probably ever say anything because it look practically identical to my other shirts, I still don’t purchase it. For 60 bucks I was basically able to clothe myself for a week without anyone ever mentioning anything.

The one thing I want to point out at Target is not skimp. Skimping at target is the biggest mistake you can make. Things are already as cheap as they get so to buy the cheapest of the cheap is just setting yourself up for failure. One of the pair of mesh shorts I bought was 4.99. I bought them XL to make sure they fit and they are so tight that they are completely useless. You think I’m going to go back to return them for 5 bucks? My point is that I might as well spend 16 bucks on 4 pair of boxers instead of the 8 for 8 pairs because they are going to be worn so often that I might as well by the quality item. There is a fine line when you are being smart to being cheap and saving a couple dollars on poor quality will generally come back to haunt you.

Another hilarious thing about Target is the parking lot. This particular parking lot is pretty crowded and you really have to watch yourself when your driving. The first thing I notice is people backing in to parking spaces. I consider myself an above average driver and just about NEVER feel the need to back in. I am extremely confident I can back in to any spot because I am a master of my mirrors, however there is just such a rare time to use the back in. I noticed one guy in this parking lot that chose to back in and was literally sideways, in between two lines. Seriously bro, do us a favor and pull in forward like a normal human being. I almost think people back in just to show off. There really is no convenience because parking is such a routine task.

A final thought that I have from my Target experience which applies all over is how people treat animals. Some person had their dog and was just sitting down outside the store and I just hear people come up to them and say how cute the animal was. I feel like the dog could have been a rhinoceros and people would still say how cute it is. I’m just amazed at how people act like they’ve never seen a dog in a parking lot before and the natural reaction is to just say how adorable it is. I don’t really consider myself a huge animal person, I find them entertaining for a while but never really get attached, but you will never find me telling someone how incredible their pet is. Unless it’s something that really gets my attention, like a rhino, I’m acting like I’ve been there before.