Something random

I’m going golfing at Talamore tomorrow with CK4 and Weller who was nice enough to invite us for a treat of a round of golf. I go in with little expectations of scoring but it’s always fun to play a round without waiting and a course that’s well tended to. I’ve developed a little hitch in my swing that is making me hook a lot of shots. Hooking is far easier to fix than slicing which I used to do 10 years ago but still isn’t fun. I’ve been hitting my long iron’s well though so I can always resort to that.

I watched Inglorious Bastards today and was unbelievably impressed. It does have that Pulp Fiction feel to it and just an all around entertaining movie. Unfortunately I missed the first 30 minutes so I will have to catch that at a different time but I saw the vast majority of it and know that it’s worth a watch. This movie preceded the Season opener of Weeds which I have seen the previous seasons of. I’m not really sure how to review Weeds. I commented that it is almost unbearable watching this show 25 minutes at a time with a week in between each episode. I really like the dialogue of the show but it’s starting to get a little redundant. They are always running away from something and yada yada yada. I’ll watch it but don’t have high expectations.

There’s something funny about facebook chat. First off I wonder how many people actually use this to actually chat. I don’t get the same feeling that I used to have like I did with AIM. You’d put up clever away messages and you’d never sign off and it was always a game for how long you could be on without interruption. I just feel like it’s creepy. Plus whenever it comes up it stalls my browser. I go on facebook because I’m bored and I want to lurk around and see what people are up to. When people send me messages it’s like they are sneaking up on me and invading my privacy. Plus it’s obvious when you are on because it gives that annoying green light so there’s no hiding like you didn’t see it. Then you get in a convo and accidentally close the browser and then it looks like you just ignored the person completely. I’m just not a fan and if you try to message me and I ignore you, now you know why. If I write back, be thankful to know that I like you enough to do so.