Technology Attachment

I am having phone issues where I put my charger in my phone, I get the lightning bolt on the battery symbol, it stays for a minute and then disappears without getting charged. This has obviously left me in some tough spots because my phone has no juice and I can’t communicate. So being the pro-active person I actively seek out an answer, so I go to the Verizon store, explain the situation and he tells me that he thinks that it’s probably not the battery because bad batteries tend to charge and then completely drain in a short time. Mine wasn’t charging effectively but its like it had a mind of its own and charged whenever it wanted. Fine. So I ask when my upgrade is and it’s coming up in January so I thought to myself I might as well just get a new phone. I don’t really use my phone for everything that I could like apps and games and anything else. I actually had an unlimited data plan when I got my blackberry and I was paying 40 bucks a month for it. I ask what other plans are there and they say there is one for 150 mb a month and it’s 15 bucks. I ask how much do I presently use a month. He said I averaged 7mb for the past 3 months… So I was obviously being a tard for a while there but I got that changed. I ended up calling Verizon and getting them to sell me a Droid X for 279 and an 100 rebate which seemed reasonable to me. I honestly don’t even know what I’m going to do with a Droid X but I figure I use my phone for a lot of things and it’s such a cheap price for the amount of use that why not get the latest.

At this point I’m barely excited to get a new phone but I think I started to get an attachment to my current phone. I feel like I’m just kicking it to the curb like a 2 dollar whore. We spent a long time together and even though the auto correct and my inability to hit the right keys is bothersome, I’ve grown an attachment. I’ve had this phone for over 6 months and that’s an amazing amount of time with me having the same phone. I’ve also accidentally called the Sheee countless times because he’s the first in my contacts. I also lose access to anyone who BBM’s which is really just a handful of people but how is CK4 going to contact me now that he has to pay $.10 for a text message? Another sad note is that the phone has decided to fully charge and is working perfectly after it realized I was going to get rid of it. It’s probably working at about 200% of its usual power. So I’m in a dilemma which will ultimately end in me getting rid of the storm but it had a nice run.