Storage Wars – The Advanced Level of TV

I had this entry in mind when my original plan was to write this entry. If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you’d know I’ve been a fan of the show Storage Wars. I’ve been DVR’ing every episode that I haven’t seen and I’ve probably watched some 20+ in the past few weeks. I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good understanding of the show and I have my pros and cons that go further than just thinking Brandi is hot. What I meant to explain when I correlated this entry to the entry below is that this show has the element of reality and the next level of “real” TV.

I don’t believe this show is doctored. I believe these characters go to the auctions and engage in live bidding for these lockers. There is nothing false about this. I do think there may be some false valuations on items which is sort of strange but it’s not too far off to ruin the show. When Darrell finds a used set of Callaway golf clubs and says they will fetch 300-400 dollars, I know that can’t be right considering I just bought a brand new set for 400. Without getting sidetracked, the cameras take footage of live action in the auction process and behind the scenes. When Dave Hester is getting steamed at Jarrod, there is a genuine dislike that just can’t be acting. If it is, he deserves an Emmy. This is the kind of programming I like the most. The realness of the show is what I enjoy. However, I like the show even more because of the next level thinking that can only be found because of this reality.

To the first time watcher, this show can still be entertaining. To someone who has watched a ton of episodes, you start to get into the mindset of the characters. This is the key point to this post and why I think this show is awesome. When you understand the backgrounds of each of the characters, you can start to see their thought process behind a locker’s value and than the bidding war is just the most exciting part when their personalities and knowledge collide. Using specific examples, Dave is the professional and most interesting character on the show. When he is involved in the bidding process, if you are bidding against him you have reason to be both concerned and excited. If Dave is bidding on the locker, it means it most likely has some value. Or he could just be bidding you up because he doesn’t like you. So when you put yourself in Dave’s place, it’s always a strategy in how you bid against each character. Dave knows that when he’s up against Jarrod, it’s going to be a back and forth because they dislike each other and he can pretty much own Jarrod. Barry has a load of cash and will spend money if he likes the chances of a collectible. This means that starting a bidding war with him is idiotic because his goal isn’t nickel and diming it for a small profit with material goods. Darrell is the 2nd most knowledgeable character but he seems to lack the balls to back up his intuition. It’s just really interesting to see how they interact with each other in a real life situation. There’s no script and no acting. That’s the best part though because being an outsider watching the show, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Sure you don’t know what’s going to happen watching “reality” tv but if it’s scripted, who really cares, you’re just being played with. This is real. I would be heartbroken to find out that it was fake because this entry would make me look like a buffoon.

I just don’t like fake shows anymore. Why has cops been so successful, live footage. Here’s an idea for a successful show, take Blind Date but make some adjustments. Don’t let the characters know they are being taped for a show. Don’t cut out the awkwardness. People would love to see real interaction among people without them knowing they are being watched. Real conversation, real interaction, real emotion and sincerity. THE INTEGRITY OF THE SHOW IS IN TACT. I really think it would be a hit.