New Storage Wars 12/6/11

The first thing I notice is the absurdity of the bidding process. There are hundreds of people in the auction yet only the main characters are bidding on the lockers. They even throw in this one random guy to bid twice to disguise this fact that only the leads are going to win this locker. The valuation that everyone complains about is still apparent. When Dave says “here’s some networking equipment, that will be a couple hundred dollars,” I thought that it looked like two dumpy routers that I’d throw in the trash. I also can’t find any reason to root for Jarrod and Brandi. I really wanted to see them fail and the fact they got lucky with some random coins was annoying. Darrell is such a dope with that humidor that it really does prove any idiot can win these things. Dave breaking the piece was pretty funny but it looked like a piece of shit anyhow. The show is starting to feel generic.

The second episode was a new bunch of characters staged in Texas. One word, flop. Absolutely horrible characters and the show seems like it’s moving in slow motion. The female, Lesa, is a hideous hag who described her partner as an “employee”. If you watched the episode you’d see why this is amusing. Victor seems like a complete moron who takes it personally when people bid against him. Moe is a second rate Barry who says “fabulous” and the fat guys seem like they are on the show because they are fat. You will not see me reviewing this show.