YoungCaseHo and the locks.

I want to write about one of my favorite topics, gambling, because I know YoungCaseHo will find this post interesting. I use to gamble on sports. Bovada is the new Bodog. My history with Bovada still has all my Bodog history. In the 3 years I’ve been using Bodog I cashed out $2,481 dollars in 5 separate checks which should confirm the legitimacy of cashing out. I’ve never cashed out of Bovada however but I have confidence it should be ok. I use my Visa card to deposit which is interesting because it just got switched over to Bank of America and the card I used to use is no longer. I hope it doesn’t effect cashing out. All that being said, I just wanted to re-assure that I’ve been betting online for a while and can confirm it’s legit. I also want to note that my profit on that 2,481 is probably between 100-1000 dollars. You won’t win big money betting sports without big bets and tremendous luck. It’s a spice to life, not a way to make money, but it sure is fun to win.

With that intro out of the way I want to review my last week gambling on what I like most, NFL. I made 9 $50 dollar bets on 9 games. My first pick was Colts +3 which I read wrong because I had the Colts on a momentum high from the Packers and the Jets running low from an inept offense. I took the Bucs -4, winner, with the idea that Brady Quinn is starting (thanks Shee). I took the under, which covered, on the Rams and Dolphins figuring both offenses aren’t explosive. The Pats at -4 was just one of those games that can go either way. I always love the Pats for what its worth. I bet the Vikings which didn’t win but their first 3 drives resulted in FG’s instead of TD’s and that kills points. The Giants +7 was a complete dead on pick because the Giants are a great team. The Packers, another great team, was a good bet on Sunday night. I finished the week off with a nice (haha) Broncos pick. I never trust Phillip Rivers. End result 5-3, +60 dollars.

My philosophy is that you make money picking 1 game and betting big on it. This diversified approach is OK it’s incredibly difficult to go 5-3. I actually hit the last 3 to make it happen. Less bets, bigger values. I’ll post some action I take throughout the week. If anyone ever has a “lock”, I’m always interested. Develop a reputation.