Social Interaction

I went to a softball meeting at the Bayou yesterday because each team has to send a representative and naturally that falls on me because I live the closest, (even though I dislike softball the most on the entire team). So the meeting is at 7 and I get there a few minutes early. It’s a weird place to hold a meeting because there are only a few tables so people awkwardly start crowding around. When I got there all of the tables were taken and I was just going to stand against the wall near the back when this girl, who was by herself at a table of 6, asked if I wanted to sit down. I’m thinking that I’d probably prefer to stand but decided I didn’t want to look rude so I sat down across from her. For the first minute or so she was looking at her phone and I was just sitting there literally doing nothing but glancing at a TV. I could write a whole post on why I think the smartphone is ruining people interactions with each other but she looked enthralled using hers, not to mention the other handful of people around who have theirs glued to their hands. Back on topic, she goes to the bar and grabs and beer and I decide that I’m not going to sit in awkward silence, so I can’t remember my exact words but I ask her how nonsensical these meetings are hoping to find some common ground to spur a conversation. So she’s there for kickball (it’s a softball meeting) and I start asking her about the other sports she does and how work gets in the way of weekday drinking and everything is going along swimmingly. I ask her what she does and she says something like “designing materinity clothes” and I immediately say “cool” and she looks at me like I’m from space because obviously her job isn’t that cool. This was just my instinctual reaction to anything she was going to say, then I had to ask her again because I didn’t really hear what she said the first time which made me look like a tool. She asks me about my job and yada yada, then the softball meeting starts and she realizes she shouldn’t be there, chugs her beer, and then she left. That’s my story.

I write this to show my readers that this is what goes on in my mind. She’s a reasonably attractive female, I’m just trying to be normal and this is how normal I can be. I think about all the social interactions I have with people and I’d guess 80% of the time, alcohol is involved because I’m just not around too many people sober. To reference Sam’s post post, my SOCIAL conversations are done in a drunk state of mind most of the time. However, I’m using this post as a reference to show my ability to hold normal conversations, not under the influence. Now I could have sat there like a shell and not said anything to this girl but I went out of my way to be socially normal. I think to some people these thoughts of having a conversation with others in society isn’t so thought provoking. They just go up to someone and talk to them like it’s just another routine act. In my world, this is what runs through my brain. Pretty sad that I have to use a mere conversation with a female as an entire topic for a post. This should give an idea of socially evolved I am.