90’s Memorabilia

There is one great thing about getting older and that’s remembering shit you did when you were little. It brings a level of happiness when you think of things that made you happy. As a kid I’d wake up at 6:30am every Saturday morning and watch cartoons all day. These were days when I had something other than alcohol to give me excitement. All that being said, I’ve chosen some shows, games, movies, and people that will most likely go down in history as forgotten about unless people like me continue to use their blogs to promote them. Without further ado, I give you a list of things you would have forgotten about if I didn’t bring them up.

I was a little surprised to see Snood as an Ipad and Gameboy Advance game which makes Snood way more relevant than I thought at first. This game sticks in my mind as a game I played throughout high school computer classes. It was extremely challenging and you’d have to make precise shots off of walls to clear levels before the level crashed down. I spent countless hours trying to master this game. I beat level 13 for a smoking girl in high school and I’m pretty sure it increased my chance to score .0001%.

Denver the Last Dinosaur

Quite possibly my favorite cartoon growing up for a period of time. This or Ducktales. For some reason I remember the one character being named Shades but the others escape me. Denver liked to skateboard which I must have thought was awesome. Wikipedia enlightened me that “episodes often focused on issues of conservation, ecology, and friendship”, but that doesn’t ring a bell. I remember jumping around to the theme song fairly often. I was going to use Camp Candy for this spot but I may have been the only viewer.

Tag Team – Whoomp There It Is

For a few weeks in 1993 Whoomp There It Is was popular. This wasn’t a particularly good song but you just had to know about it because people would be saying it all the time. I recall listening to it in my Walkman thinking I was a badass. It was also the theme song for the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies season and was featured prominently during the 1993 World Series. Between innings at one game, Tag Team performed the song on the field, with special lyrics related to the Phillies. With 4 million views I suppose more people remember this than I thought.

Land Before Time
When reading about Denver I came across this “the show ran for two seasons, as the dinosaur boom that had followed The Land Before Time waned, causing viewership to drop.” So I obviously wasn’t the only kid into dinosaurs in the late 80’s. This movie was my watch that put me under hypnosis. I specifically remember having 5 plastic cups with Littlefoot, Cera, Petri, Ducky, and Spike and every morning my mom would give me a glass with a different character. Days with Cera were the absolute worse. Ducky also carried the catch phrase Yep Yep Yep which I’m sure I said adorably cute at 7.

Clarence Weatherspoon
nba jam weatherspoon and will
Baby Barkley really gets lost in the mix of 76ers history. I’d put him a notch above Sharone Wright in the remembrance category. He was the best player (or close to) for many years while the team just sucked completely. The real reason I have him in this post is because Evan used him in Scattergories for things found in a Gym and the letter was C. I believe he got vetoed (Evan is the king of questionable answers) but I believe this should pass. It’s not like Spoon is relevant but the C things in gym is too tough to veto it. (chest press, cybex, collar…)

Here were some more cartoons that brought back a lot of memories. If the show wasn’t animated, there was a great chance I didn’t watch it.