Childhood TV

Like the Styx song, I have too much time on my hands. This is a rare double entry and I’ve immediately followed my last one with another childhood theme. I was skipping around the TV Guide and watched the last 5 minutes of Dancing with the Stars to see Bristol Palin advance past Brandy. Bristol is a dog but I would vote off anybody whose partner spells his name Maks. This is literally one of the first times I’ve tuned into Dancing but there is all this hoopla about Bristol that I figured I’d see what was up. Nothing special in my eyes. The show that is. To leave this irrelevant topic and move onto something more worthwhile, I wanted to make a list of my favorite TV shows as a kid. I was born in 83′ so any younger audience may have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m going to start with the shows I remember when I was really young and then move on through time. I’m not going to mention the most popular ones that I obviously watched to death like Full House, Saved By the Bell, and the Simpsons.

Perfect Strangers was a show that stuck in my head as a show I probably had no idea what was happening but found it entertaining. Larry and Balki were the main characters and I just remember liking Balki. Apparently Harriet and Carl were characters in Perfect Strangers and Family Matters was a spin off of this show. I honestly couldn’t tell you one thing about an episode.

I used to find Small Wonder so fascinating. Jamie was such a little bitch and Vicki was a robot. I look back and wonder how I was so entertained. I remember running back from school to catch reruns of this show.  Maybe the plot was good.

Beavis and Butthead was such a stupid show but I thought it was the funniest. The music clips were obviously annoying but I used to get a kick out of the mini-stories. Nance used to find this show hilarious too and I’m surprised she used to let me stay up and watch it. Whenever they would argue or hurt each other I would crack up. Their laughs and slow talking also did me in. I found this show to be awesome.

Nance and I used to watch this show every Thursday Night. I remember them as Williams and Torres and it’s funny because LaGuerta was in the show too who is now in Dexter. I used to look forward to this show so much and I’m sure if I watched it now I’d think, mediocre. I read the Wikipedia on it and apparently it was a big draw on Thursdays amongst the Black community.

TGIF growing up was a big thing. I can’t remember the order exactly but some shows were Family Matters and Step By Step. I used to love Al growing up on Step by Step and hate Dana. I think they also used to have Boy Meet’s world as part of that line up. A quick sidenote, I remember Laura used to get all these Teen mags and the covers would be filled with JTT, Devon Sawa, Rider Strong, and Zachary Ty Bryan.  I also used to watch Home Improvment w/ Binford Tools.

It’s annoying to find pictures and then put them in and then space it so I’m just going to write about a few more. Different World goes way back but Dwayne Wayne was easily my favorite character in the 80’s growing up. I used to have like Blossom and obviously thought it was hysterical when Joey said “Whoa.” Mark Cooper from Hangin with Mr. Cooper was a big role model. Not to forget Marlon from the Wayans Brothers on WB. 7th Heaven was also on the WB and I’m sure I watched my share of that. Unhappily Ever After with Senator Edge and the always bangin Nikki Cox was one of my faves. Larisa Olyenik from Alex Mack was a huge crush of mine pre spank days. I used to watch the X-Files and was pretty much got hooked on the show. I also watched my fair share of Kevin Arnold and the Wonder years. Winny writes math books.