Sit Down Fucking Fat Boy

Russell Westbrook calling out the Urologist, Kevin Harkaway, before receiving 2 middle fingers. Read his lips closely.

The Long and Winding Post

kevin-durant-rolling-stone-cover-storyI read the Rolling Stone article on Kevin Durant and learned more about Durant’s underprivileged upbringings and his dedication to the game of basketball. There were a few neat tidbits like he drank his scotch neat, has tattoos of Rick James, Tupac, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, and Aaliyah, and learned to sleep balled up on a couch until 19. However as I started to write that post and gather info, I got into Russell Westbrook, the double middle finger, and various odds. So I’m sorry if i’m all over the place with this post but it is what it is.

Some Fun Facts:

  • kdThe Golden State Warriors were favored by 8.5 points on Tuesday night over the San Antonio Spurs and lost by 29.
  • The Warriors O/U win total was 66.5.
  • The odds for the Warriors to win the Championship went from 3-1 before KD made his announcement to -110.
  • OKC went from 3-1  to 20-1 to win it all this year.

The KD and Russ Show is No Longer

leaveshimhanging“It’s an open secret that the fun had stopped there and it was never going to flow with Russell. Russell’s a my turn, your turn kind of guy, and don’t think defenders don’t know that. When Russ had the ball, KD’s guy would leave him to go and help guard Russ.”

KD’s thought for leaving OKC – “Mama, I can’t do it anymore. They’re not in this thing with me, we’re not together like we were.” 


Draymond and KD Speak the Truth

stephcurryshoesDraymond Green: Dude, why you riff so hard on Steph’s kicks?
Kevin Durant: Cause they were foul. Ugliest shoes I ever saw. Your boy should be ashamed of himself.

“I’m sure the story tomorrow will be, ‘KD broke up the chemistry and we can’t win with KD,’ and all these other things which is going to come with the territory,” Warriors forward Draymond Green said. “We’re looking forward to that. We already know that’s coming.”

“You know who I always thought (was a great trash-talker), but has been under the radar, I think Kevin Durant,” Green said. “Lotta people don’t know that. But if you play against him you know. KD makes you feel bad about yourself, that you ever talked junk,” Green said. “It’s the funniest thing in the world.”


How Can You Not Like This Guy?