Top 10 Singles Nov 11th, 1982

I plan to make this a weekly post because a person’s opinion of songs that were popular decades ago should prove amusing. I have some working knowledge of the songs and artists which will show in the comentary.

1. Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes – Up Where We Belong – I’m aware of Joe Cocker with his popular covers of Beatles Tunes “With a Little Help From My Friends” and “Come Together.” I’ve never heard of Jennifer Warnes. This is a slow duet that I don’t think would have a chance to top a list in 2012.
2. Lionel Richie – Truly – I know Lionel for “All Night Long”, “Dancing on the Ceiling” and “Hello”. This song is a slow number that I’ve never even heard before and wouldn’t have a chance of being popular 30 years later.
3. Olivia Newton-John – Heart Attack – I assume this is coming off of the success of Grease and the Physical album. This song basically just plain sucks. It repeats “Heart Attack” like 25 times.
4. Laura Branigan – Gloria – I think I know Laura Branigan from the song Self Control that I always turn off when it comes on the radio. Gloria sounds exactly like Olivia Newton John’s Physical but is a better song. This was the first song on this list I can say I liked.
5. Neil Diamond – Heartlight – I have hardly listened to any Neil Diamond aside from Sweet Caroline and this song isn’t going to make me start. This is a slow, solo, crooning session from Diamond.
6. Men at Work – Who Can It Be Now? – The first song I’ve actively listened to in my life. Probably the 2nd best Men at Work song. This has been a staple of my 80’s playlists. I only prefer Overkill to this song.
7. John Couger – Jack and Diane – Before the Mellencamp was added? Everyone has heard this song and I’m actually surprised it isn’t higher. I’m not a huge Mellencamp fan but this song has a nice story behind it and is easy listening.
8. America – You Can Do Magic – Never heard of this song. I know America from Sister Golden Hair, Ventura Highway and Horse with No Name. I like them all. I listened to this song and will add this to my expanding database of music I like but no one else would ever listen to.
9. Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin (Every Time You’re Near) – The bass line of this song was ripped off by Dr.Dre and Warren G in the song Regulators. The dreaminess of Michael McDonald’s voice will put you to sleep. Quality song.
10. Diana Ross – Muscles – Diana Ross wants muscles. This song isn’t worth listening to.