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I’m not going to change her writing. The caps and the yelling for effect is what really gets me.

“Tom. You need to write about this only if you experience the same anger I do. I can not STAND when I am walking and someone is walking from the opposite direction and they either 1. don’t move AT ALL or 2. do not move to their RIGHT. You are supposed to pass on the right. I just don’t understand why people don’t automatically move right when they see others coming from the opposite direction. I refuse to move to the left because it just doesn’t flow with the way our society works (ie cars drive on the righthand side of the road). Does this bother you as much as it does me??”

Are we passing by another or am I speed walking passing? I assume it’s when we are heading for one another and the opposing traffic isn’t moving over and she doesn’t want to move to the left to bypass. To this I agree and it’s a pretty simple solution, DON’T BREAK STRIDE. If the idiot doesn’t understand that we drive / walk on the right hand side, they should be decked by oncoming traffic. Come to a complete stop if you have to and make the person walk around you. What I like to do is mutter under my breath as I walk by like “completely oblivious moron.” What really pisses me off is the groups of on comers who don’t move. They will be lined up 4 across and rather than form a 2×2 square, they act like you should move to their march. Have some common courtesy.

Her point doesn’t nearly bother me as much as the slow walkers who take up the sidewalk. I’m 6ft tall and probably a faster Johnnie walker then most so I come across this fairly often. Usually I’m OK with the one person pass, I just speed up and overtake in one fell swoop, but when multiple people line up and are engaged in their day to day convo, they force me to walk on the street or grass to pass, that annoys me. Obviously everyone is entitled to walk as fast or slow as they want but if it’s a crowded walk way, at least maintain a reasonable pace.