A car’s biggest design flaw

The space on both sides next to the seat is tighter than a butthole (Workaholics premiered tonight with a very average episode)(The tight butthole reference comes from that show for people who think I’m sick). I can’t be alone with this sentiment. I’m expecting that this post generates 50 comments with people saying I agree 100%. As a normal human being you probably are always handling things while driving whether it be your phone, some food or any other random object. When something falls in between the crack of the seat, directly to the left or right, this becomes a major problem. The space is too tiny for you to fit your hand comfortably and the weirdest thing about it all is that the pain that is derived from trying to fetch something out of this space is enormous. It’s like a hand cramp or shooting pains, I swear it is the most frustrating thing on the planet besides trying to bust a nut when you’re too drunk. What you usually have to do is move the seat all the way up or all the way back to get the item and then that messes up the leg room & the pedals and then the mirrors have to be adjusted again. It’s even worse when you drop a tiny morsel like an M&M (which luckily has a thin candy shell so it melts in your mouth and not in your hand) or something else tiny that is going to prove even harder to find. I can’t be alone in dropping things into what will now be known as the side seat abyss. This unknown area has probably devoured thousands of lost items in it’s lifetime. If you think of something that you’ve lost recently and have no clue where it might be, check the side of the seat.